Settling In the Great Plains

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Settling In the Great Plains 作者: Mind Map: Settling In the Great Plains

1. Provides physical capital for European settlers - yellowstone park, settlers gobble up west side land and the government decides to preserve the wilderness

2. Economic Growth

2.1. Cultivation of land in the West contributed to agricultural productivity

3. Negative consequences of human resources

3.1. Farmers had to farm bigger plots of land to pay off debts

3.2. The price of grain went up, taxes stayed the same

3.3. Labor was cheap, the railroad took advantage of farmers

4. Government Involvement

5. Productivity in Farming

5.1. Technical support for farmers

5.1.1. ugigi

6. Appropriate Technologies

6.1. Railroads, education, steel plow, barbed wire, reaper, steel windmill, new technology,

7. Physical Capital

7.1. Barbed wire, steel plow, reaper, steel windmill

8. Human Capital

8.1. Education, development of skills

9. Institutions

9.1. Subsidies for railroads, loans for farmers