Testing Silverlight Applications

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Testing Silverlight Applications 作者: Mind Map: Testing Silverlight Applications

1. Introduction

1.1. Silverlight is a powerful Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform. It is also a platform in transition and while there have been questions and concerns about its future this may be the best time to create automated tests for your Silverlight applications. In the following blog post you can find an overview of learning resources for testing of Silverlight applications covering unit and independent functional testing, performance profiling and load testing. Included is a selection of resources for learning more about the state of technology and its future, tools and demo resources

2. Functional Testing of Silverlight Apps

2.1. Blog: Unit Testing Silverlight in Four Easy Steps Using TestComplete

2.2. Technical article: Automated Unit Testing of Silverlight 4 and 5 Applications

2.3. Testing Silverlight Applications Help

2.4. Video: Silverlight Testing with TestComplete: How it works

2.5. Automated Testing of Silverlight Applications with TestComplete

2.5.1. Testing Out-of-Browser Silverlight Applications

2.5.2. Testing In-Browser Silverlight Applications

3. Performance and Coverage Profiling of Silverlight Apps

3.1. Tutorial: Profiling Silverlight Applications

3.2. Video: Profiling Silverlight Applications

3.3. Overview: Profiling Silverlight Applications With AQtime Pro

3.4. Online Help: Profiling Silverlight Applications

3.4.1. Profiling Local Silverlight Applications

3.4.2. Profiling Remote Silverlight Applications

3.4.3. Profiling Out-of-Browser Silverlight Applications

4. Load Testing of Silverlight Apps

4.1. Video: Getting Started with Load Testing of Silverlight Applications with LoadComplete

4.2. Silverlight Load Testing with LoadComplete

5. Training Resources

5.1. Webinar with Lino Tadros: "Tips and Tricks for Performance, Load & Functional Testing Silverlight Apps"

5.2. Webinar with Nick Olivo: "Testing Silverlight 4 Applications With TestComplete"

5.2.1. Prepare Silverlight 4 applications for testing. Record a keyword-driven test against a Silverlight application. Explore Silverlight application objects in TestComplete’s Object Browser. Configure TestComplete for optimal performance. Prepare Firefox for testing Silverlight applications. Test old version of Silverlight and out-of-browser Silverlight applications with TestComplete .

5.3. Demo apps

5.3.1. SmartBear Silverlight Demo Application

5.3.2. Silverlight Toolkit Samples

5.3.3. Silverlight Showcase Applications

6. Industry Influencers and External Resources

6.1. Silverlight.NET Forums

6.2. Silverlight 5

6.2.1. Silverlight enables OS in a browser

6.2.2. What's new in Silverlight 5

6.2.3. Silverlight 5 System Requirements and supported browsers Overview of platforms and Internet Explorer versions supporting Silverlight 5

6.3. The Past and the Future of Silverlight

6.3.1. Gill Cleeren: Windows 8 and the future of XAML In this blog Gill explains the evolution of XAML technology and its adoption in Windows 8

6.3.2. Is Silverlight dead? Thought provoking article about the future of Silverlight and use of Silverlight programming skills in the future

6.3.3. Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie on what has happened to Silverlight

6.3.4. History of Silverlight Hal Brenson

6.3.5. Microsoft has Abandoned Silverlight and All Other Plugins in Metro IE