Validity & Reliability

Types of validity and reliability and why they are important.

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Validity & Reliability 作者: Mind Map: Validity & Reliability

1. Reliability

1.1. Test-Retest

1.1.1. By giving the same test twice a correlation between the two tests becomes available.

1.2. Alternative Form

1.2.1. Two tests covering the same information will establish unreliable tests if there are large differences in the students' scores.

1.3. Internal Consistency

1.3.1. Insures that the test is internally consistent and items correlate with each other.

2. Validity

2.1. Content Validity

2.1.1. It tells if the test being given measures the objective.

2.2. Concurrent Criterion Validity

2.2.1. Shows if a test correlates well with a measure already validated

2.3. Predictive Criterion Validity

2.3.1. Will show how well the test predicts future behaviors of examinees

2.4. Construct Validity

2.4.1. Shows if test results correspond with scores on other variables as predicted by some rationale theory.