Game design department

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Game design department 作者: Mind Map: Game design department

1. Vision

1.1. Adding new quality features to Android ports

1.1.1. Spend too much time on same bug checking ask help from QA

1.1.2. Spend too much time on UI ask help from dev for UI coding ask for external UI/UX course

1.1.3. Lack of new feature proposal Force GD to play the game they are working with and at least 3 top games in the same category this week: register game list weekly present on those game they play

1.1.4. Lack of knowledge related to game editor tool Tung train Clara tool October 2018 Ask for learning material from other studios starting of each new project since October

1.2. Adding localized features to Chinese projects

1.2.1. lack of understanding on chinese market hired Son who knows about Chinese market already start ask for market report? ask for game metrics? GDs who work on Chinese projects have to access game forum, community (google Translate) September In-game survey December

1.3. Can take on any kind of creation games, starting with hyper casual

1.3.1. Lack of an Economic GD Let Quang Anh work on Wizard projects balancing for practice already start Let Son - the new hired who use to be a game operator try balancing tasks Make a stock of learning materials on Game Economy open for hiring

1.3.2. Lack of new quality game proposals Start assign small/medium creation tasks to all members in turn to make everyone feel they involve Started: we assigned Giang to research and present on Fluffy fail assigned Quang Anh to balancing let everyone review+feedback wizard new builds, this week onward One new pitch for each creation GD every month at least already start

1.4. a more skillful team

1.4.1. Lack of teamwork, everyone is going alone Assign more cross support tasks from this week between androids projects this week

1.4.2. All members should had been at intermediate English levels internal training Already start

1.4.3. presentation skill internal training Already start weekly presenting/workshop Already start