Effective Teachers By Adria Wiley

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Effective Teachers By Adria Wiley создатель Mind Map: Effective Teachers By Adria Wiley

1. Martin Luther King Jr.

1.1. Education is a two folded function

1.1.1. 1.Utality

1.1.2. 2.Culture

1.2. Function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically.

1.3. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.

1.4. Martin thought Eugene Tallmadge was one of the better minds of America.

2. Time magazine

2.1. Good Teachers

2.1.1. Ones with a deeper understanding

2.1.2. Ones with enduring passion

2.1.3. Teachers who make students think Don't just teach what is on a test

3. Taylor Mali

3.1. Doesn't like the phrase "Those who can't, teach"

3.2. "How much do I make?!"

3.2.1. Makes kids work hard

3.2.2. Makes parents see their kids for who they are and can be

3.2.3. Makes kids... wonder Question criticize Apologize and mean it Write, write, write Read and spell Show ALL work

3.2.4. Teachers "make" a difference

4. Mr. Karandikar

4.1. Makes class enjoyable by interacting with kids

4.1.1. Helps one on one

4.1.2. Lets the kids work in pairs and groups

4.2. He puts himself in the students shoes

4.3. He loves his job and wants the best for his students

5. Ganas

5.1. Ganas means to want to do something

5.2. The teacher uses objects

5.2.1. funny

5.2.2. interacts

5.2.3. Uses examples

5.2.4. Walks around the classroom and talks to the kids

5.2.5. Pushes the kids to try harder

5.2.6. He wants the kids to learn.