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eLearning создатель Mind Map: eLearning

1. The three basic elements of education

1.1. People

1.2. Goals and contents

1.3. Strategies

1.3.1. Use of ICT in educational contexts "use of new multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitating access to resources and services as well as remote exchanges and collaboration" (EU, 2001) o... "learning by chewing"?

2. as the learning context

2.1. education, as it is transformed in the socio-cognitive context allowed and promoted by ICT and the internet

2.1.1. in this sense, eLearning is the only possible form of education in so-called knowledge society

3. ICT as a strategy

3.1. Methods/strategies

3.1.1. Time synchronous video/web conferences asynchronous temporal atemporal

3.1.2. Space Continuum from face-to-face to distance education Face-to-face teaching (no ICT?) Technology-enhanced teaching Blended learning Distance / online education

3.2. People

3.2.1. Communication groupware synchronous vs. asynchronous syntopic vs. asyntopic

3.2.2. Support type of support for eLearning Technical Psycho-pedagogical Contents

3.3. Objectives / contents

3.3.1. Interactivity

3.3.2. Media