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Susan Jacob создатель Mind Map: Susan Jacob


1.1. Outline three 'Thriving in the Knowledge Economy' recommendations for your organisation that you would present to your boss and colleagues based on what you have learned and how you will apply it.

1.2. 1. Focus

1.2.1. Focus and think. use mind map to jot down your thoughts.

1.3. 2. Relax

1.3.1. Take 1 minute breaks every 30 minutes and relax to make your brain efficiently.

1.4. 3. Improve

1.4.1. Improve your efficiency. Managing your mails; reading faster, using mind map

1.5. Make a list of your colleagues who would benefit from learning what you've learned.

1.5.1. Bonnie

1.5.2. Miranda, Sudheepa, Akshaya, Monika, Kalpana, Sujata, and Saman

2. BBT

2.1. Attach your workfiles and notes to secure your working materials

2.2. Day 1 Homework

2.3. Day 1 review

2.4. Day 2 Homework

2.5. Day 2 review

2.6. Happiness Mindmap

2.7. Effective reading rate scores

2.8. Any additional notes you may want to add for yourself


3.1. What are your key ideas, practices, techniques and skills that you have learned?

3.2. Information Overload

3.3. Multitasking

3.4. Human Brain

3.5. Mind Mapping

3.6. Memory

3.7. Focus

3.8. Effective Reading

3.9. Goals

3.10. Motivation



4.1.1. List up to seven goals for applying what you've learned to your professional and personal life

4.1.2. 1. Use Mind Map for the upcoming training material within May Use mind map to create the training content by May 2020

4.1.3. 2. Use Memory Palace for improving memory use this while taking trainings to improve my memory and in day to day life

4.1.4. 3. Relax in between work keep timer to relax for a minute every 30 minutes

4.1.5. 4. Use screenreader to improve the reading speed Improve the speed of reading to 2 times within 21 days.

4.1.6. 5. Use ACTE for email management On going; conscious thinking to make changes

4.1.7. 6. have goals to enhance the meaning of life Have life goals which align with my values to enhance my life's meaning

4.1.8. 7. Do Conscious thinking Think consciously to analyze and make changes - short term and long term goals.

4.2. Intrinsic motivation to improve myself and the lives of others around me

4.2.1. AUTONOMY I practice this for my team. Today's class underlined the importance of it. I appreciate the autonomy given to me and would like others in my team to enjoy the sense of ownership for the projects they are assigned to.

4.2.2. MASTERY Take more trainings to gain the domain expertise. Take at least 3 learning paths coming year

4.2.3. PURPOSE Improving the quality of my life and other's lives around me. making my life more meaningful, makes me more happier and can touch many more lives around me.