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Make Your Bed Summary создатель Mind Map: Make Your Bed Summary

1. 1-Sentence-Summary:

1.1. Make Your Bed encourages you to pursue your goals and change the lives of others for the better by showing that success is a combination of individual willpower and mutual support.

2. Favorite quote from the author:

2.1. "If you want to change the world... start singing when you're up to your neck in mud." - William H. McRaven

3. 3 lessons:

3.1. Making the bed can boost your productivity and even give you hope in the bad days.

3.1.1. While it may seem trivial when big assignments are waiting for you outside, starting off with this small task makes you feel a little proud and ready to deal with the rest of your tasks.

3.1.2. And if you have a miserable day, coming back to a bed made – by you – will make you feel tomorrow will be better.

3.2. If you want to make a difference in life, never give up, learn from failures and keep improving yourself.

3.2.1. During the SEAL training, McRaven and his fellows had to withstand uncountable challenges of strength and courage. Giving up at any time was very easy: they just had to ring a bell hanging in the center of the compound and they would be free, immediately.

3.2.2. Never ring the bell if you want to achieve big goals in life.

3.2.3. The Circus is a legendary punishment known to make many cadets quit the SEAL training. It’s two hours of additional calisthenics, paired with non-stop harassment by SEAL combat veterans.

3.2.4. During the training, McRaven was part of a swim team that constantly came in last place and had to face the Circus many times a week. At the moment of the graduation test though, they came in first: all those hours of calisthenics had made them stronger.

3.2.5. Life is full of Circuses. You fail, you keep training yourself, you get stronger.

3.2.6. Once McRaven’s team had to swim 4 miles in the dark. Scary enough in itself, but that night there were even reports of big white sharks near the coast. Since it was the only way to complete the SEAL training, they swam anyway.

3.2.7. If you want to achieve your full potential in life, don’t let fear stops you.

3.3. Life is a struggle. To accomplish great things you need to fight. But you can’t do it alone: you need teammates.

3.3.1. SEAL cadets also have to overcome Hell Week, 7 days of endurance tests when many of them call it quits. During their Hell Week, McRaven and his fellows had to spend a whole night sitting, covered in cold mud. In the middle of the test, some of them seemed ready to give up. Then one man began to sing. One by one the others followed him. Suddenly the mud felt less cold and the dawn closer.

3.3.2. Sometimes life gets very hard: the loss of someone you love, a disease or something you are not prepared for may crush your spirit. These are the moments when you need to dig inside yourself and bring out all your strength. But you also need the help of your friends and family.

3.3.3. Years ago the author was badly wounded in a parachute accident and he had to go through months of recovery and rehabilitation. He’s sure he would have surrendered to self-pity and depression if his wife hadn’t been there to support him.

3.3.4. In McRaven’s view, life is like a small rubber boat: you cannot paddle it alone. It takes a team of good people to get you where you want to go.

3.3.5. As he says, “Find someone to share your life with. Never forget that your success depends on others.”

4. Who would I recommend the Make Your Bed summary to?

4.1. The 17-year-old discouraged about what he can do in life since he lives in a poor neighborhood, the 36-year-old who doesn’t like his life and blames it on his parents, and anyone who feels unlucky, demotivated or just lazy.