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HOUSE SALE создатель Mind Map: HOUSE SALE

1. Done

1.1. Sign with RE agent

1.2. Schedule paint estimate

1.3. Schedule carpet estimate

1.4. Secure Storage Unit

1.5. Clean out Richmond Storage

1.6. Take girls to Idaho

1.6.1. Houseshop with Rachel

1.6.2. Visit Mund family

1.6.3. Visit Linda Luguna family

1.6.4. Have some fun! Zipline Horseback riding

2. In Progress

2.1. Use indicators to show detailed progress

2.2. Schedule pool inspection

3. Open

3.1. Give away dollhouse

3.2. Clean outside sitting area

3.3. Clean out outside bar room

3.4. When you're ready to start working on a task, move it to the next section