Cattle and Bulls in Ancient Egypt

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Cattle and Bulls in Ancient Egypt создатель Mind Map: Cattle and Bulls in Ancient Egypt

1. Pets

1.1. No Pets

1.2. Ceremonial Animals

1.2.1. Apis Bull - Large white bull Physical version of Ptah (Not to be killed)

2. Myths/Stories

2.1. Gods and Goddesses

2.1.1. Hathor Sky goddess who brings the day mother/ birthed the sun god

2.1.2. Apis Bull (Ptah)

2.2. Creation Belief

2.2.1. Hathor was thought to be a cow who birthed the sun god and place him b/w her horns

3. Symbolism

3.1. Divinity

3.2. Feminine

3.2.1. motherhood and nourishment

3.3. Power

4. Power and Social Equality

4.1. Othering of cattle into non human status

4.2. Women

4.2.1. Shows that women had power and status