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Cloud computing создатель Mind Map: Cloud computing

1. Advantages

1.1. cheaper

1.1.1. IT support/staff costs

1.1.2. software

1.1.3. hardware

1.1.4. energy

1.2. pay for what you use

1.3. remote storage (e.g. in case of fire)

1.4. easy networking, sharing, collaboration

1.5. reliability

2. Features

2.1. storage and processing of data done remotely

2.2. applications are automatically upgraded as part of the service

3. utility computing

3.1. connectivity and computing join electricty and gas

3.2. See Nick Carr's 'The Big Switch'

4. Disadvantages

4.1. Security

4.1.1. different countries have different data protection guarantees data might become subject to international disagreements Canada's ban of usage of USA hosts for IT projects

4.1.2. your data's confidentiality relies on service providers' integrity online processing requires decryption and re-encryption service providers may roll-over to govt requests and not challenge unjust laws US PATRIOT Act: 200,000 national security letters issued to data hosting companies 2003-2006 (src: Electronic Frontier Foundation) Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act - UK the profit-motive might override their moral obligations

4.2. Technical

4.2.1. loss of control- user reliant on third party's hardware

4.2.2. constant, speedy and reliable network connectivity required

5. Ethical considerations

6. Service providers (e.g)

6.1. Amazon S3

6.2. Google Apps/Docs

6.3. Microsoft Live Mesh

7. Example- publishing co. of 10 people