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Prayer por Mind Map: Prayer

1. Paul's four

1.1. Request

1.2. Prayer

1.3. Intercession

1.4. Thanksgiving

1.5. Origen's scriptural reference seems not to be general but in a specific, limited context.

2. OT vows

2.1. Distinguished from "prayer in the normal or usual sense"

2.2. Discussed only in the beginning, to get it out of the way before the main discourse.

3. Contemplative prayer

3.1. David

3.2. One isolated instance, so far

4. the whole life of a saint as one great continuous prayer

4.1. "pray ceaselessly"

4.2. Integrated combination of action with prayer in the usual sense

5. The Spirit

5.1. the unutterable sighs of the Spirit

5.1.1. "more than intercedes"

5.2. The Spirit prays within us.