The Case of Larry (p. 89)

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The Case of Larry (p. 89) por Mind Map: The Case of Larry (p. 89)

1. Connection to theories of Cognition and Educational Psychology

2. Main Issue

2.1. What battery of tests are most effective in assessing Larry's learning?

2.1.1. What sort of information should a confidential assessment of Larry's learning consist in as he transitions from grade 8 to high school?

3. Evidence Worth Noting

3.1. Larry's grade 6 standardized test scores indicate that he is performing grade level in Language, but is behind in math.

3.1.1. This is likely a common result for many of his grade 6 classmates as well, though.

3.1.2. Does the standardized assessment accurately capture Larry's knowledge of grade 6 math if the conditions under which the assessment took place were not optimal? Larry becomes easily absorbed in ventures that he finds fruitful for his personal growth and achievement. This makes him easily distracted in school topics.