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Social Media Marketing por Mind Map: Social Media Marketing

1. Connect. as soon someone comes in our network, he/she should be added on linkedin.

2. Google Plus

2.1. Add friends in circles

2.1.1. TLF - Those who are family members

2.1.2. Marketing - Those whose are suggested via Google plus

2.2. Post on regular basis. Family members would get an exclusive post as well. Sharing top tips, messages, personal audio/video message of trainers etc

3. Facebook

3.1. Profile

3.1.1. Add emails to google account & then import contacts, friend them, & make lists if possible

3.1.2. Posts on daily basis

3.1.3. different top notch schools, universities & institutions can be added in profile. This would attract a lot of traffic

3.2. each workshop could be made as an event.

3.3. Page

3.3.1. Invite all emails to like the page

3.3.2. Regular posts

3.4. Events

3.5. Groups

3.5.1. Groups of STM & SCV & VNR to be made

3.5.2. Participants to be added on last day of the workshop

3.6. Photos

3.6.1. Photos of the training can be posted, while tagging the participants

4. Twitter

4.1. Develop hashtags

4.2. Follow participants

4.3. emails can be imported in bulk

5. Linkedin

5.1. TL Family group should be made & actively run

5.2. A general group too should be run

5.3. Digital Certificates

6. Youtube

6.1. To focus on international market

6.2. Short video advice on weekly basis

6.3. advice of the month

6.4. advice of the year

6.5. Ask a question

7. Vimeo

8. Dailymotion

9. Google Maps

9.1. Add clients/family members on a map

9.2. Leads should be added on separate map

9.3. Those who are not on GMaps, can be suggested to do so. This will add a value in their business.

9.4. In reviews, it could be mentioned that TL Family members are here in this place.

10. Policies

10.1. Content instructions

10.2. approval process & authority

10.3. Monitoring & Evaluation

10.3.1. Proper reports (auto) on weekly & monthly basis

11. Integration with Offline world

11.1. hashtags to be placed on our flex designs, chart papers etc

11.2. QR Codes to be printed & displayed

11.3. People should be encouraged to like/follow/join our social networks in our sessions/workshops. a lot of creative solutions can be developed to do this

12. Blog

12.1. Official blog should be run

12.2. comments & replies

13. Whatsapp

13.1. Broadcast lists

13.2. contacts to be added via email

13.3. Regular broadcast messages, like 1 sms in morning

13.4. special occasions messages