Pro Tips For Power Napping Like A King

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Pro Tips For Power Napping Like A King por Mind Map: Pro Tips For Power Napping Like A King

1. Don’t power nap if you’re not tired enough.

2. Put an alarm.

2.1. Setting it for 25 minutes is recommended

2.2. The alarm frees you from thinking about waking up on time.

3. Don’t nap for more than 15 +/- 5 minutes.

4. Cut off the distractions.

4.1. Listen to music or use earplugs.

4.2. If you’re good at meditating, you can probably do without earplugs or music.

5. Be comfortable but not too much.

5.1. Napping in a comfortable bed makes it hard to get out.

5.2. If you have access to a couch, go for that.

6. A “successful” nap is not always about sleeping.

6.1. Even if you don't fall asleep, you still gain energy back from relaxing.

7. It takes some time to recover from the nap.

7.1. Plan for 15–20 minutes to be back to full energy.

7.2. A successful power nap almost entirely removes this grace period.

8. Don’t nap when it’s close to bedtime.

8.1. If you power nap less than 3-4 hours before sleeping, you will have a hard time sleeping at night.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice

9.1. Don’t judge a “failed” nap.

9.2. There are still benefits even if you don’t always fall asleep.

9.3. If you’re a leader in your company, lead by example.

9.4. Show others it’s okay to power nap. Encourage them to do it. Do it yourself.

9.5. If you work from public places like coffee shops or co-working spaces, just do it.

9.6. Care more about your productivity than for what people think

9.7. You won't get judgment, but curiousness.

10. Power Napping Is A Skill

10.1. A power nap is typically 15–20 minutes long. With it, you can get an extra 2–3 hours of productive work.

10.2. A more powerful alternative is the coffee nap. Drink a shot of espresso coffee quickly right before your power nap.

10.3. The caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in, so right at the same time as you finish your power nap.

10.4. Don’t try coffee naps until you can do power naps though

10.4.1. Not everyone can quickly drink a hot coffee.

10.4.2. It’s harder to fall asleep

10.4.3. It’s quite powerful when you do it right. You have to be ready to go to bed much later. It makes it harder to fall asleep.