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Output devices por Mind Map: Output devices

1. Display devices

1.1. A monitor

1.1.1. Wildscreen

1.1.2. LCD monitor Resolution Response time Brightness Dot pitch Contrast ratio

1.1.3. Plasma monitor

1.1.4. Digital television (DTV)

1.1.5. HDTV

1.1.6. CRT monitor

2. Interactive whiteboard

2.1. Touch-sensitive device

2.2. Resembling a dry-erase board

2.3. Displays the image on a connected computer screen

3. Data projectors

3.1. Digital light processing (DLP) projector

4. Force-feedback game controllers

4.1. Sends resistance to the device in response to actions of the user

5. Speakers, headphones and earbuds

5.1. Audio output device

5.1.1. Generate higher-quality sounds for playing games

5.1.2. Interact with multimedia presentations

5.1.3. Listen to music

5.1.4. View movies

6. Printers

6.1. Nonimpact printer

6.1.1. Ink-jet printers Color or black-and-white Printer with higher dot per inch produce a higher product output

6.1.2. Photo printers Color photo-lab-quality pictures

6.1.3. Laser printers Black-and-white Color High-quality High-speed

6.1.4. Thermal printers Thermal wax-transfer printer Dye-sublimation printer

6.1.5. Mobile printers

6.1.6. Label and postage printers

6.1.7. Plotters

6.1.8. Large format printers

6.2. Impact printers

6.2.1. Dot-matrix printer

6.2.2. Line printer

7. Tactile output

7.1. Provides the user with a physical response from the device