Chapter 1-3

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Chapter 1-3 Door Mind Map: Chapter 1-3

1. Chapter 1

1.1. Pracitce

1.1.1. Using effective teaching to maximize student learning

1.1.2. There are effective practices and none effective practices. Using Theory to base how we teach our students.

1.2. Achievement

1.2.1. Achievement is not what schooling is all about, as many more concepts come into play with effective schooling then just the achievement of the students.

1.2.2. Critical thinking skills is something that must be taught and is not just measured on the students achievements within the classroom.

1.3. Schooling

1.3.1. The importance of keeping students in school. How a students life can greatly be impacted by how much schooling the complete.

1.3.2. Is so important that students stay in school and get the degrees that they see fitting to them, as it can greatly increase the type of lifestyle they will be living.

2. Chapter 2

2.1. Evidence Base

2.1.1. Meta-Analysis: Is Identifying a specific outcome, identifying the influences on those outcomes, and then searching the various data bases. Taking a look at set data and finding a solution to solve the problem that you may be faced with. Also this shows the importance of this particular item within the school. As the example showed that homework has very little affect on student achievement.

2.2. Visible teaching and learning

2.2.1. When trying to achieve a mastery goal. Feedback is given to attain that goal that is trying to be achieved. Their is active learning going on with everyone involved.

2.2.2. Teachers need to see themselves as the evaluators of the effect that they are having on their students. Teachers need to make sure they are using different methods that are best for their students.

2.2.3. Creating a positive learning environment. Needs to feel safe for the students to make mistakes and still feel safe to respond.

2.2.4. The students need to become the teachers and the teachers need to take a step back and let the students explain the processes.

3. Chapter 3

3.1. Subject Matter

3.1.1. A students achievement is not based upon how much knowledge a teacher has on a certain subject matter.

3.1.2. All teachers in a specific content have the same amount of knowledge, but it is how they present and organize the information that really makes the difference.

3.1.3. Being able to predict where a student is going to go with he information given is a better way of catching students mistakes before they happen.

3.2. Success Criteria

3.2.1. Being a teacher that believes every single in the classroom can achieve success, no matter the skill level. This requires a lot of compassion towards all of the students.

3.2.2. Students need to feel respected and important before this can be achieved, as their needs to be some kind of teacher-student relationship piece in place.

3.3. Expert Teachers

3.3.1. These are the teachers that have gained the proper degrees, use more integrated methods, and hold these students to a higher level. They understand the students thinking process and how to help them better understand their own learning.

3.3.2. Needs to be more collaboration between these teachers. Can share practices and ideas to better help others in the classroom.