21st Century Learner - Learning to learn

Learning to learn

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21st Century Learner - Learning to learn Door Mind Map: 21st Century Learner - Learning to learn

1. definition

1.1. "acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes to organise one’s own learning in a continuous way"

2. knowledge

2.1. know your learning strategies (strenghts and weaknesses)

2.1.1. learning activity: self assessment

2.1.2. learning activity: multiple intelligence learning styles

2.2. how to use tools

2.2.1. Learning Activity: projects with use of learning devices & technology. For instance: building a collaborative website with tumblr

2.3. know where to find training and support

3. skills

3.1. basic skills: numeracy, literacy and ICT

3.2. time and information management

3.2.1. teaching about time management

3.3. innovation and creativity

3.3.1. learning activities mindmapping infographs edublogs

3.4. perseverance, concentration and reflection

3.4.1. learning activity: self regulation

3.5. collaboration

3.5.1. activity: make a collaborative mindmap

3.6. self-directed learning, individually and in group

4. attitudes

4.1. taking initiative

4.1.1. activity: setting goals for own learning

4.2. problem solving

4.2.1. activity: project based learning PBL

4.3. motivation and confidence

4.3.1. Activity: Student led conference in which the students present the results of their learning

4.4. communication & collaboration

4.5. adaptability to change

4.5.1. activity: peer feedback