MNG.TER - On Schedule (BR B2 U03)

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MNG.TER - On Schedule (BR B2 U03) Door Mind Map: MNG.TER - On Schedule (BR B2 U03)

1. asking for an update

1.1. What's the current status of..

2. giving an update

2.1. Up to now...

3. Asking for clarification of a problem

3.1. So, the real problem lies with...

3.2. So, that means....

4. making a suggestion

4.1. We could prepare (+ verb)

5. responding to a suggestion

5.1. That sound good.

5.2. It's worth at try.

6. Catching Up

6.1. Questions for catching up

6.1.1. What are you doing at the moment

6.1.2. Are you still + ING

6.2. Commenting on catching up

6.2.1. It's keeping me on my toes...