GPT Education 28-10 GC2019 Conference DataBase Pack

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GPT Education 28-10 GC2019 Conference DataBase Pack Door Mind Map: GPT Education 28-10 GC2019 Conference DataBase Pack

1. 3 Tips About International Cultural Differences Dr Ivan Misner

1.1. Networking amidst cultural differences

1.2. Business Card Etiquette

1.3. Use of Slang and Gestures

1.4. Consideration of “Personal Space”

2. 5 Ways to Create your Remarkable Life

2.1. Set Up a One-to-One With Your BNI Director Consultant

2.2. Visit Your BNI National Office

2.3. Visit Another BNI National Conference or Members’ Day

2.4. Going on Vacation Soon

3. Prometheus

4. Witajcie w Warszawie! Welcome to Poland

4.1. Andre Willamse

4.1.1. Meet the Team from South Africa Click to Open

4.1.2. #DigitalDoodler

5. BNI U Valuable Information

5.1. Conference Registrations

5.1.1. Rohan Jardosh

5.1.2. India

5.1.3. Ahmedabad

5.2. and...

5.3. Contact Sphere

5.4. Information

5.4.1. Target Client

5.5. How to increase visibility via Corporate videos

6. Meet the BNI GPT Click to Open

6.1. zzz

6.2. Chapter Visit BNI Drive

6.3. at the factory

6.4. #BNIGC19 Meet and Greet

6.5. Avi & Matt

6.6. Ramu

6.7. Dotan

7. Go Big!

7.1. Of course there’s no better way to experience all that is BNI than by attending the Members’ Event at BNI’s Global Convention

8. Conference DataBase Pack Click to Open

9. Research

9.1. Spreadsheet Layout

9.2. Examples...