Composing your Script

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Composing your Script Door Mind Map: Composing your Script

1. When you get give When you learn teach Maya Angelou

2. Start with the Why

2.1. My Business

3. Reading

4. Colin Horner aka #DigitalDoodler It all starts with Vision Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication The challenge we face in social selling is to engage our target clients within the first 8 seconds, and retain their attention to get our message across. Words alone do not work, and they are too soon forgotten The solution is animated explainer videos Short engaging videos used to tell stories in words and pictures and 100 times more effective than verbal communication Present, Persuade, & Pitch with simple Pictures Follow examples of our work by Clicking the Web Link above Colin Horner - BNI - Wakelet

5. 100 Words

5.1. 10 Steps

5.1.1. Introduction Colin Horner visual thinking a.k.a. the digital doodler Helping frustrated businesses communicate more effectively using visual images

5.1.2. Repeat the Intro

5.1.3. Specific ASK My ask is Michelle McFarlane Owner Of Dragon consulting Brand strategy and marketing The Body 60 Words My focus today is the use of GIF images to communicate a short simple message in an animated format to gain the attention of your target audience Summarise your key statement from your weekly presentation in a series of social media posts using a GIF Animation Follow me on Facebook to see how effective videos can be to advertise your business Bryan Douglas Henry Michelle Mc Farlanr

6. The 4 P's

6.1. Present

6.2. How Can I Help

7. Speaking

8. Thinking out of the Box

8.1. Drawing out of the lines

8.2. Word Cloud

8.3. 07 August

8.4. Leo the Line Art

8.5. Drawing outside the lines

9. Listening

9.1. The reticula activating system

10. Audio Books

10.1. Reading / Speaking

10.2. Listening