Student Voice

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Student Voice Door Mind Map: Student Voice

1. Tell me WHY this learning is valuable to me.

1.1. Students will be more engaged if they understand how and why what they are learning is relevant to them and can be used in the future.

2. Teach students how to teach themselves

2.1. Success beings with me. When students can initiate their inquiry and learning through a set of learned and developed skills, they will be more inclined to continue their learning journey having confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.

3. Cultural Literacy

3.1. Communicating successfully and comfortably within the greater society through an understanding of the language, norms and practices gives students opportunity to feel connected to their classrooms and peers.

4. More focus on arts, music, and learning outside of the classroom

4.1. Students that can express themselves through other mediums will feel more connected to their learning and their community.

5. Creative inquiry based learning

5.1. Allowing student to direct their learning based on interests will result in more engagement and autonomy of students.

6. Overhauled curriculum that considers practical application of essential life skills

6.1. Learning that students see as useful and practical to current and future development will have a greater impact to their learning.

7. Safe and open dialogue on a variety of student chosen topics

7.1. Safe, non-judgemental, spaces for open dialogue are environments where students feel heard, welcomed, cared for and not judged

8. Technology rooted in student resources and applications

8.1. Less use of textbooks, homework packs and paper assessments. Students want access to online help, resources, and learning games at their disposal. This creates interest and collaboration and opportunity for learners that prefer technology based learning.

9. Collaboration

9.1. Learning demonstrated through a variety of outlets such as learning from one another, peer mentoring, active citizenship and community building. Collaborative learning allows students to bring their piece to the whole puzzle and assemble the puzzle together.

10. Individualized tailored learning

10.1. Tailored, individualized learning focused on interests, inquiry and discovery sets the tone for student engagement rather than trying to interest students in curriculum that they cannot relate to or do not have enough background knowledge or experience with to be successful.