The All-New MindMeister

Enjoying the new MindMeister? Now you’ve had a chance to get to grips with our updated map editor, it’s time to meet some of the brand-new features that can transform your mind maps and set your creativity free.

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The All-New MindMeister by Mind Map: The All-New MindMeister

1. Freely Positioned Topics

2. Mixed Map Layouts

2.1. Mind Maps

2.2. Org Charts

2.3. Lists

3. Outline Mode

4. MeisterTask Integration

5. Focus Mode

6. Real-Time Collaboration

7. *Markdown* Support

8. Tintable Icons & Emojis

9. Styling Toolbar

9.1. Shape

9.2. Line

9.3. Border

9.4. Font

10. Themes

11. Action Menu

11.1. Media

11.2. Attachments


11.4. Notes

11.5. Connections