Weekly news 11.12.13

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Weekly news 11.12.13 저자: Mind Map: Weekly news 11.12.13

1. Nelson Mandela`s Memorial Service

1.1. Obama' speaked in event of hohor Mandela

1.2. Johannesburg

1.3. Huge event with politicans

1.4. This is the same stadium where Mandela himself spoke 23 years ago after he was released from prison.

2. Air Force One

2.1. Presidential aircraft

2.2. President Obama, former president George W. Bush, and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton all traveled to South Africa on the same plane.

2.3. long flights can help to forge friendships.

2.4. Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford started friendships at time of flight to the funeral of Egypt's Anwar Sadat.

2.5. Bill Clinton and President George H.W. Bush started friendships to attend the funeral of Jordan`s King Hussein in 1999

3. Mary Barra.

3.1. She focused on design, engineering and quality.

3.2. The first woman ever to lead an American carmaker.

3.3. a female CEO

3.4. General Motors decide to sell cars in Europe because of hard competition in America.

4. Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth?

4.1. 135.8 degrees below zero

4.2. This happened in 2010, but was recently made public.

4.3. Clouds are blanket

4.4. Arctica was cold witout clouds=blanket

4.5. Clouds mades Heat

5. International Symbol of Accessibility

5.1. Time to changw symbol

5.2. Glenney, a former graffiti artist and Sarah Hendren, a Harvard art student designed new symbol

5.3. active in wheelchairs like Quad Rugby team the New York Warriors

5.4. Redesigned symbol of separate the person from the chair.