Chp 2 & 3

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Chp 2 & 3 저자: Mind Map: Chp 2 & 3

1. Aesthetics of Domination

1.1. Early 90's Gloria worked in faxineira arrangement.

1.1.1. Could not get carteirs de balho signed

1.2. Worked very long day

1.2.1. Up at 5am, home by 10pm

1.3. Glorida's new employer very generous

1.3.1. Flexible with hours and pay Ultimately bettered her financial situation

2. Class Division

2.1. Middle class defined by its ability to pay for manual labor

2.2. Gloria eventually worked her way into the working class section

2.3. Gloria's childhood greatly resembled slavery

3. Private and Public Spaces

3.1. Social, intimate, and service areas

3.2. Designed to separate classes

4. Race and Class

4.1. Brazilians embrace mesticagem, blending of races into national identity

4.2. No legally sanctioned racism, but structures of racism are present everyday

4.3. Brazilians evaluate race according to appearance

4.3.1. North Americans tend to follow "one drop of blood" rule Bipolarized view of race

4.4. Those with lighter skin tend to have higher chances of succeeding in life

5. Sexuality

5.1. Interracial sex distorts popular and elite perceptions of contemporary race relations in Brazil

5.2. Mulatto man celebrated in Brazil