Input/Output Devices

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Input/Output Devices 저자: Mind Map: Input/Output Devices

1. Input

1.1. Sample Devices

1.1.1. Mouse Benefits Easily gives commands to the program Comes in many styles to accommodate most needs Challenges Can be hard for students with special needs to use Most are right handed, hard to find left handed Application Modify the mouse buttons for use left handed students

1.1.2. Keyboard Benefits Set up like a typewriter Variations that can be color coded Challenges Has additional keys that are not on a typewriter Can be hard to use for students with special needs Application Teach keyboard competencies, as that will benefit everyone later in life

2. Output

2.1. Sample devices

2.1.1. Monitor Benefits Resolution is adjustable Ability to project a project for a large class Challenges Resolution on monitor can distort images Projecting onto a screen may blur text, making it hard to read Application Share a Power point with a class on a projector

2.1.2. Printer Benefits Create Transparencies Create labels for CDs Challenges Clarity of images Sometimes need special software Application Print worksheets for a classroom off of a webpage