Why you should use Mind Mapping

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Why you should use Mind Mapping 저자: Mind Map: Why you should use Mind Mapping

1. It's easy to use

1.1. Used as an app or website

1.2. There's a brief tutorial in the beginning

1.3. It's user-friendly. The toolbox is simple and visual.

1.4. You can hide the topics

2. It's helpful for visual learners

2.1. Look how pretty this is!

2.2. You can see a ton of info in one spot

2.3. It's basically a self-made graphic organizer

2.4. There are no limitations for how big or small it is

3. It can be shared for collaboration

3.1. Click on the "share" button at the bottom to share with others or invite to edit

4. It has several purposes

4.1. Replace graphic organizers with this

4.2. Cause & effect

4.3. Review a unit by mapping out the big topics, then the details of the topic

4.4. Characteristics of a person, place or thing

4.5. Brainstorming, preparing a project

4.6. Note-taking tool

4.7. Outline the points in an argument, or outline an essay or project

4.8. Show the "parts" of a "whole"

4.9. Delegate jobs/tasks/responsibilities in a project

5. It has cool features

5.1. You can change the font, colors, backgrounds, etc.

5.2. You can add pictures/images, links, attachments (files, PDF, attachments), videos, notes directly into the map

5.3. You can present it like a slideshow

5.4. You can upgrade to Meister Task