How to Practice Gratitude (Even If You’re Lazy)

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How to Practice Gratitude (Even If You’re Lazy) 저자: Mind Map: How to Practice Gratitude (Even If You’re Lazy)

1. Use your phone

1.1. Commit initially to using your phone to practice gratitude.

1.2. The most important thing when starting any new habit or routine is to just get started and stick to it.

1.3. Using your phone is a good way to just get started because it’s always with you.

1.4. Create a note in your phone’s Notes App called “Gratitude.”

1.5. Set a recurring daily reminder to “practice gratitude” at the most convenient time of day.

2. Find the right time

2.1. The evening is the best time for most people.

2.2. The evening tends to be a little quieter, plus you’ve had a full day’s worth of experience to (hopefully) be grateful for.

2.3. Some common evening times to practice gratitude include:

2.3.1. Immediately after putting the kids to bed.

2.3.2. First thing after getting into bed.

2.3.3. After finishing the dishes.

2.3.4. Right before you brush your teeth.

2.4. Pairing your new habit with an existing habit makes it far more likely that you’ll actually do it.

3. Keep it simple

3.1. Initially simply list one thing you’re grateful for each day.

3.2. In the beginning, establishing the habit is the most important priority.

3.3. Once you’re in a good routine and it’s relatively automatic, add more complexity.

3.4. A single sentence or phrase is good enough

4. A few final thoughts:

4.1. Start each item with “I’m grateful for…” if it works for you

4.2. Specific is always better than generic.

4.3. Feel free to delete the previous day’s entry when you write a new one. It’s the act that matters.