Learning disabilities

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Learning disabilities 저자: Mind Map: Learning disabilities

1. Dyslexia

1.1. what dyslexia is. Who is affected by it most. how to spot a student struggling with dyslexia in the classroom.

1.1.1. how to teach students with dyslexia. Tips for making a dyslexia friendly classroom by providing teacher with tips that can be used in lesson plans to help students understand material be taught.


2.1. what it is. who is affected by ADHD. Who is it most commonly found in. Signs you might have a student with ADHD. How to help the student understand what they are going through.

2.1.1. How to teach students with ADHD. Tips for making the classroom a place for success on both the student and teachers side of things, while working with the student to understand how they best learn.

3. Auditory processing disorder

3.1. What is it. Who is affected by auditory processing disorder. what teacher need to know about APD in order to better understand what they are going through.

3.1.1. how to teach students with APD. Tips on what APD is and how to teach a student who struggles with spoken directions. Different technologies that can be used to help the student better understand instructions

4. Dyscalculia

5. Dysgraphia

6. Visual Processing Disorder