kognitive Modellierung

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kognitive Modellierung 저자: Mind Map: kognitive Modellierung

1. Human / Machine Learning (Vl10/11)

1.1. Human Learning

1.1.1. Konditionierung Ivan Pavlov Pavlovsche Hund US CS Skinne Box Operant Conditioning positive Verstärkung positive reinforcement Negative Verstärkung (negative reinforcement) Positive Bestrafung positive punishment Negative Bestrafung (negative punishment) Biofeedback

1.1.2. Cognitive Learning Theory

1.1.3. Connectionism / learning in the brain Hebb's law (1949) Hebbian Learning

1.1.4. Lernen im Gehirn Hebb's Law "What wires together fires together" synaptische Plastizität

1.2. traditional vs. socially guided ML

1.2.1. goal oriented

1.2.2. transparent learning

1.2.3. just-in-time correction

1.3. Learning in ACT-R

1.3.1. creation of chunks (declarative knowlege)

1.3.2. creation of production rules (procedual knowlege)

1.3.3. base activation

1.3.4. utility