CHG Blue Print

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CHG Blue Print により Mind Map: CHG Blue Print

1. Capital Partner Acquisition

1.1. Protected Investment

1.1.1. Guaranteed Return 6-10%

1.1.2. Deed Of Trust

1.1.3. Insurance Policy

1.1.4. 65-75% LTV (Good Equity Position)

1.2. 500k - Total

1.2.1. Jason Palliser 50k 10 Days

1.2.2. John Doe ? ?

1.2.3. Jane Doe ? ?

1.3. Biz Branding

1.3.1. Branding Non-Negotiables Name Must Be Easy, Catchy & Memorable Tag Line Must Anchor Company Name Today: 21st Century Businesses Are Sharable No Need To Change LLC Papers You Must Be Consistent With Value & Content To Win! Must Be Known For Helping First Consistently

1.3.2. Brand Name & Tag Line:

1.3.3. Must Be Consistent

2. Lead Generation Blueprint

2.1. Online Real Estate Websites

2.1.1. Refine Your Search: Data Doesn't Lie! Median Sales Price: Search at 50% to 60% (The Scale Up) Avg. Sq Feet For The Area: Down 20% & Up 35% to $40% Most Desired Bed Count For Sale By Owner Only (Agents Waste Your Time)

2.1.2. Data By Cities/Sub-Cities St Louis City 2018-01-05_1220 Median: $135K Fastest Bed Count: 3 Average Sqft. Sweet Spot Search: 1,200 sqft. St. Charles Media: $165K Fastest Bed Count: 3 Average Sqft. Sweet Spot Search: 1,450 sqft.

2.1.3. Set Up SYSTEMATIC COVERAGE (Never Miss A Deal) Set Day & Time Text Trigger: IFTTT 1. IFTTT Acct. Setup 2. Search Calendar/Day & Time Triggers 3. Choose Every Day At 8am 4. Then Ask It To TEXT You 5. Fill In Your Text: Add Link To Each Site Zillow, Craigslist and so on. Add Search Criteria At The End... Ex: 50k or less, 3 bed minimum, Sq footage 900 to 1500 6. Hit Save 7. When Received Daily, Forward To Asst or V.A. to do a FILTERED 10 second search on each site for deals. 8. Any Properties Hit, Then Immediate Appt Attack (See Sample Message)

2.1.4. Real Estate Websites Zillow: Real Estate, Apartments, Mortgages & Home Values HotPads - Go ahead. Rent around. Apartments and Houses for Rent Curbed | Love where you live Free Classifieds Ads: Jobs, Apartments, Homes for Sale, New/Used Cars & More at Geebo Homes For Sale | Online Real Estate Auctions | Property Listings | Hubzu Apartments for Rent - Apartment Finder | Movoto Real Estate - Homes for Sale, MLS Listings Estately | Homes for Sale, MLS-based Real Estate Find Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Apartments & Houses for Rent |® Real Estate Auctions for Foreclosures and Bank Owned Properties Apartments and Homes for Rent

2.1.5. Set Up Your Automated Triggers 2017-08-15_1042

2.1.6. Refine Filtering: Buzz Words / Key Words Must Sell, Motivated, Divorce, Handy Man Special, Need to Sell, Probate, Work Needed, As Is, Relocating, Foreclosure, Inherited, Death, Meth Lab, Condemned, Cash Only, Wholesale, Illness, Fast

2.2. Set Up Automated Lead Triggers

2.2.1. Try To Set Up Search Triggers On Each Online RE Website First. Some will Allow You To.

2.2.2. Automatic Lead Generation: Get Notified When Perfect Deal Matches Hit NOTE ***** Sometimes RE Sites Do Not Allow IFTTT To Set Up Triggers

2.2.3. Create IFTTT Recipes Ex: If Craig's List, then Text or Email Me IFTTT Search Match = Text Me Search Match = Email Me Repeat Process For Each Buzz Phrase & On Each Web Site Use Multiple Emails - Forward Them To Your Main Email

2.2.4. Buzz Words/ Key Words Must Sell, Motivated, Divorce, Handy Man Special, Need to Sell, Probate, Work Needed, As Is, Relocating, Foreclosure, Inherited, Death, Meth Lab, Condemned, Cash Only, Wholesale, Illness, Fast

2.2.5. Online Real Estate Websites

2.2.6. How To Set Up Your Automated Triggers On IFTTT IFTTT_Lead_Generation_Triggers

2.3. ****Automate Other Investor's Buying Criteria****

2.3.1. Separate Investors By Zip Code In A Spreadsheet

2.3.2. Automate triggers at 55% of their all in price! Never think about it again!

2.4. Freedom of Information Act (4 Sources Here)

2.4.1. Ask For..."Open Record Request"

2.4.2. Request: Water Disconnects & Code Violations & Cease & Diciest & Order To Vacate

2.4.3. Look Professional: Use The Standard Letter To Request For Your State - See Link Below.

2.4.4. Example of Formal Request Per State: State Sample FOI Request Letters | National Freedom of Information Coalition

2.4.5. Special Note: You need to demonstrate that the use of the information is going to produce ongoing "Betterment To The Community".

2.4.6. Approach 1. Call Your County & Find Who To Talk To 2. Email First 3. Send Letter 4. Get Pushy! Call To Set An Appointment!

2.5. Vacant Home Lists

2.5.1. 1. Non For Profit Advantages

2.5.2. 2. For HOA Vacant lists below use promo code 2DAYBLUEPRINT for discount.

2.5.3. 3. Home - HOA Vacant Lists

2.5.4. Approach

2.6. Direct Mail Process

2.6.1. Upload List To (Adds Their House Pic To Mail Piece = Mega Advantage)

2.6.2. Lists: High Equity Out Of State Absentee High Equity Instate Absentee 80% Equity Or More

2.6.3. Absolute Winning Step-By-Step Formula Buy The List (The Bigger The Better) Choose the marketing piece that adds the HOUSE PIC (google street view) to it. Once you start mailing, never stop! Alternate between "House Pic" and Regular Post Cards You will have a better response than your competitors & better than you've ever had before if you've mailed before 80% of competition quits after 1-3 tries. Beginners Quit! Never Stop Mailing & Never Stop Closing Deals! Take Profits From Deals & Keep Mailing.

2.6.4. Direct Mail Tips

2.7. Advanced Free Direct Mail Strategy

2.7.1. Every Door Direct Partner With Power Team Contractor Title Company Insurance Agent Real Estate Attorney Ask Local Biz Owners From The Value Pack

2.8. Bandit Signs

2.8.1. Resource:

2.8.2. Leverage Resource:

2.9. Advanced Bandit Sign Strategy: Do Nothing! Get Paid!

2.9.1. Homeowners

2.9.2. Business Owners

2.9.3. Set Up An Extension For Each

2.10. Bankruptcy Attack

2.10.1. Site:

2.10.2. Approach

2.11. Post It Note Stamp

2.11.1. Office Max: By A Stamp

2.11.2. Stamp #1. "I'm Interested In Your House" Message On Post-It-Notes

2.11.3. Stamp #2. Hey, Call Me About Your Neighbor. 555-555-5555"

2.11.4. Put in your car & slap on distressed houses

2.11.5. Pissed Off Seller Script

2.12. Zillow FSBO Attacking (Help vs Cash Offers)

2.12.1. Do This 2 Times A week

2.12.2. Add This FSBO Attack To Your Calendar For 2 Times A Week, So You Don't Forget To Execute

2.12.3. Search Zillow At 20 to 30k Above Your Normal Buy Price In Your Areas

2.12.4. 1. Ask If they Would Like A Cash Offer

2.12.5. 2. Give A Lowball Offer That They Will Reject

2.12.6. 3. Tell Them You'd Like to Help Anyway & Market Their House For Free

2.12.7. 4. Set Podio Follow-up For 2 Weeks With Them

2.12.8. 5. Let Them Know That No On Has Contacted Them Yet, But You're Still Interested.

2.12.9. 6. Tell Them You'll Refresh The Ad For 2 More Weeks

2.12.10. 7. When They Get Tired, You Buy The house

2.12.11. 7. When They Get Tired, You Buy The house

2.13. Bird Dogs: Property Finder Income

2.13.1. Post An Ad - Free Online Classified Ads Go to Google and search “Free Online Ads” and find the article that says “Top 30 Free Online Ad Sites” Craig's List Ad is the #1 place to post the Ad

2.13.2. Mail Carriers

2.13.3. Newbie Investors

2.13.4. Family & Friends & Co-workers

2.13.5. Delivery Drivers

2.13.6. Code Enforcement Officers

2.13.7. Police Officers

2.13.8. College Students

2.13.9. REI BlackBook Property Finder Step-by-Step

2.13.10. Bird Dog Master Tip: $100 for every 50 houses

2.13.11. Manage Them With:

2.13.12. New Bird Dog Management Software: - Sign Up To Save Hours Of Work

2.14. Facebook Property Hunting (4 Sources Here)

2.14.1. 1. Local Real Estate Investment FB Groups

2.14.2. 2. Facebook Ads FB Ad Marketing:

2.14.3. 3. Buy-Sell-Trade Groups A. Distressed Sales 1 Time A Week Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade Property Post B. Bird Dogs Approach

2.14.4. 4. National FB Investment Groups

2.14.5. 5. Personal Facebook Page

2.15. 1st Page Of Google For Free

2.15.1. Ninja Google Ranking Tips

2.15.2. 1. Google: Google My Business

2.15.3. 2. Follow The Prompts

2.15.4. 3. When Asked To Put In You Biz Name... Put The Phrase You Want To Rank For. Not Biz Name.

2.15.5. 4. Google Will Send Code To Your Address (Look For the Post Card)

2.15.6. 5. Put Your Biz Website In When Asked For Website

2.15.7. 6. Code Comes In Mail. Go Back Top Google My Business & Type In

2.15.8. 7. Now Start Adding Reviews

2.15.9. 8. Use The Same Phrase For Different Addresses. Looks Like You Have Multiple Locations.

2.15.10. 9. Now You Are Ranking On Google For You Key Phrase

2.16. Pre-Foreclosures From County Recorder Of Deeds

2.16.1. Resource: REDX | Real Estate Prospecting Platform | Real Estate Lead Solutions

2.16.2. 1. Find out how long your state allows the homeowner to fix the situation.

2.16.3. 2. Knock On the Door.

2.16.4. 3. Note On the Door.

2.16.5. 4. Skip Trace If List is 150+, Then Bulk Message

2.16.6. 5. Send "Save You From Foreclosure" Letter

2.16.7. 6. Voicemail Drop

2.16.8. 7. Pre-foreclosure Letter Hey John Smith, Our office recently received this month’s pre-foreclosure list from the county. The reason for this letter is to let you know that we DO NOT think this process is fair and we reach out every month to let homeowners know that we may be able to help them and you stop the bank’s foreclosure process with one phone call. As long as the bank has not foreclosed yet, we may be able to keep you in your property. If you’re interested in discussing, then email, call or set an appointment here www.XYZ,com and we will set a time to attack the bank with you. You’re not alone. They pile on fees and attorney charges and expect you to just sit there and take it. Ready to keep you in your home if we can. We typically have about 20 stop-foreclosure-appts a week, so we apologize if it takes a week to sit down with you. We are the only one in the area that specializes in bank foreclosure negotiations. If your situation is URGENT, meaning that the bank is trying to take the house in less than 10 days, then we will move an appointment to set a time to visit you asap. Do not lose the house to the bank. We work fast and will do our best to convince them to stop the process and give you a fresh start. Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis. We can make Sunday appointments but is limited to 1 Sunday appointment per week to respect our teams time. Office Phone: Foreclosure Prevention Dept: 555-555-5555 Dept. Supervisor: 555-555-0000 Office Hours: Mon – Friday : 9am – 4:30pm Saturday : 10am - 1pm Sunday: Email Only E-Mail Help: [email protected] Advocacy Site: Missouri Foreclosure Prevention Advocates ~ A Voice For Missourians For Over 20 Years ~

2.17. Advanced Delinquent Tax Marketing Strategy

2.17.1. Advanced Delinquent Tax Marketing Strategy Nasty Wrinkle

2.18. Pre-Tax Sale: Address Release

2.18.1. Go Freaking Crazy! Don't Sleep! Get The List Drive The List Knock On Door Post-It-Note Skip Trace Mail Advanced Delinquent Tax Marketing Strategy

2.18.2. Delinquent Tax By State Delinquent Tax Rules By State

2.19. Post-Tax Sale: Redemption Period

2.19.1. Drive The List

2.19.2. Skip Trace

2.19.3. Contact Previous Home Owner

2.19.4. Mail Them: Your House Was Sold, But You Can Still Get $$$

2.19.5. They have nothing to lose!

2.19.6. The Post Tax Sale Phone Approach: 2018-01-30_1105

2.19.7. Delinquent Tax Rules By State

2.20. Real Driving For Dollars

2.20.1. What Houses Are You Looking For? Vacant Homes Run Down Homes Overgrown Grass & Landscaping Overflowing Mailbox Code Violation Notices or Stickers Look At The Back Of The House

2.20.2. Approach To Driving For Dollar Homes Should Be Done Weekly Create A Master List Attack Post-it-Note Skip Trace Letters Talk To Neighbors


2.22. Online Foreclosure Auction

2.22.1. Site: Homes For Sale | Online Real Estate Auctions | Property Listings | Hubzu

2.23. Probate Lists

2.23.1. Sample Verbiage for Phone

2.23.2. Website:

2.24. 24 Hour Arrest List

2.24.1. Search Example: 24 hour arrest

2.25. Divorce Attorneys

2.26. Nursing Homes

2.26.1. Donate Your Time

2.26.2. Talk To The Director Of Placement Or Director Of Finance 1. They are under pressure to qualify people to stay. (They NEED To Fill Beds) 2. Ask them How You Can Help? 3. Let Them Know You Can Buy A House Fast To Get Them The Money To Qualify The Person For Their Facility 4. Let Them Know It Can Close Fast So they Don't Lose The Client Opportunity.

2.26.3. Custom Bingo Daubers: Custom Bingo Ink Label Program | Arrow International

2.26.4. Take your sick parents on tours and drop cards in mailboxes

2.27. Bulk Text Messaging

2.27.1. Site: Motivated Seller Mass Texting:

2.27.2. Site:

2.28. Bank Non-Performing Asset Dept.

2.28.1. Stop Saying "I'd like to see if I could buy some house to get rid of a few of your headaches!"

2.29. Community Association Meeting Approach

2.29.1. Neighborhood Association Meetings

2.29.2. Flyers & Lead Capture Pages

2.30. Code Enforcement Agency/Officers

2.31. Code Violation Lists

2.31.1. Scrubbing The List: code violation sorting excel .mov

2.32. Craigslist Triggers

2.32.1. Search By Best Deal Metrics Criteria Attack FSBO Max Sales Price (Half of Median) Bed Count Sq. Footage Average For Area Garage or No Garage? School District?

2.32.2. DATA DOESN'T LIE Secret to go from 1,000 home to 10 good ones every morning

2.32.3. Sample Seller Email Message (Copy & Paste)

2.32.4. Automated Notifications:

2.33. X Ways To Get Real Estate Leads

2.33.1. Direct Mail

2.33.2. Bandit Signs

2.33.3. Friends & Family

2.33.4. REIA Clubs

2.33.5. Driving For Dollars

2.33.6. FB Groups

2.33.7. Meetup Groups

2.33.8. Automated Triggers

2.33.9. Realtors

2.33.10. Title Companies

2.33.11. Divorce Attornies

2.33.12. Probate (Death)

2.33.13. Nursing Home Employees

2.33.14. Post It Notes

2.33.15. Every Door Direct

2.33.16. Pre-Foreclosure Lists

2.33.17. Foreclosure Auction

2.33.18. Tax Auction

2.33.19. Post Tax Auction Calling

2.33.20. Investor Partnering

2.33.21. Hard Money Lenders

2.33.22. Code Enforcement Agents

2.33.23. Neighborhood Associations

2.33.24. Banks Non-Performing Asset Dept.

2.33.25. Helping Others - Investors

2.33.26. Linked-in Groups

2.33.27. Google: Freedom Of Information: Open Record Request

2.34. The Lead Generation Goal:

2.34.1. To Build The Biggest Property Follow-up List On Earth

2.35. Lead Generation Resources

2.35.1. Lead Generation Section of

2.35.2. Sly Broadcast

2.35.3. Use Promo code 2DAYBLUEPRINT

2.35.4. Pre-Recorded Videos FB: or One Stream

3. Cash Buyer Domination

3.1. 1. MLS Attack: Cash Sales Search

3.1.1. MLS Cash Buyers Search Training Video: cash buyers

3.2. 2. Investment Property Owners

3.2.1. Landlord Websites

3.2.2. Approach 1.Pick Your Zip Codes To Attack On Each Site Zip Codes: 2. Grab Addresses For Rent A. Phone & Email, Then Contact Them & Skip Step #3 B. No Direct Contact Info, Then Go To Step #3 3. Skip Trace 4. Contact Them 5. Get Their Buying Criteria 6. Add Info Into Systems A. Cash Buyers Spreadsheet By Zip Code B. Automate Buying Criteria. Cut Down By 40% Roughly C. Add To Podio 7. ALWAYS ask if they may want to sell any or all of their homes 8. Rinse & Repeat 2 Times Per Month Special Note: Don't Do This Yourself A. Hire a V.A. or Cold Caller B. Twice A Month For 2 to 3 Hours C. They Perform Item #6 For You

3.3. 3. Tax Records: Look Up Cash Sales

3.4. 4. Social Media Real Estate Groups

3.4.1. Sample Post Verbiage Post Once Every 6 Weeks

3.4.2. FB Groups

3.4.3. Linkedin Groups

3.4.4. Meetup Groups

3.5. 5. Online Classifieds Buyers List Development

3.5.1. Sample Ad

3.6. 6. Buy Cultivated Cash Buyers Lists

3.6.1. A. Site:

3.6.2. B. Site:

3.6.3. C. Site: - Cheap!

3.7. 7. Property Management Company Attack

3.7.1. 1. Google "Property Management XYZ City"

3.7.2. 2. Use V-mail Blast

3.7.3. 3. Use "Canned" Message

4. Define Deal Criteria (Data Doesn't Lie)

4.1. 1. Have Your Realtor Get You The Data-Sets Below For Areas You Want To Attack

4.2. 2. Data Doesn't Lie, So Use It To Locate The Good Properties First!

4.3. 3. Data Points (The Hunting Formula)

4.3.1. 1. Median Sales Price Per Area

4.3.2. 2. Most Desired Bedroom Count

4.3.3. 3. Average Square Footage For Homes Sold In The Area (Stay In A Range)

4.3.4. List Price-To-Sales Price Ratio For The Area

4.3.5. Avg. Days On Market 30 Days or Less = Pay More 31 - 60 Days = Stay On Your Number 61 - 180 Days = Offer Even Less 181 Days or more = Super Low Ball Offers

4.3.6. Most Desired Bathroom Count

4.3.7. Most Desired House Style

4.3.8. Garage Type Desired

4.3.9. School District

4.3.10. Typical Zoning For The Area

4.4. 4. Bigger Isn't Better: Don't Stray From Known Facts!

5. Power Team & Resources

5.1. Expert Marketing Resources

5.1.1. Assassin Weapons Arsenal Live in person Blueprint members go to Digital Blueprint members go to

5.2. Marketer

5.2.1. Jason Palliser

5.3. Create Power Team (Super Doc)

5.3.1. Now It Is Tangible Leverage To Others Shows You're Organized Value Campaigns Resources Page on Website Increases Credibility

5.4. Places To Find Them?

5.4.1. Ask Title Company

5.4.2. Meetup Groups

5.4.3. Linkedin

5.4.4. Facebook Groups

5.4.5. REIA Groups

5.4.6. Other Respected Investors

5.5. Attorney

5.5.1. Name: Dwayne Johnson

5.5.2. Contact Info: 314-565-1010

5.6. Hard Money Lenders

5.6.1. Hard Money Success Video Hard_Money_Approval_Success_Tips

5.6.2. #1 - Jason Palliser Contact Info Email: [email protected] Phone: 314-749-3737

5.6.3. #2 - Finance Of America Contact Info

5.6.4. #3 - Contact Info

5.6.5. #4 - Contact Info

5.6.6. #5 - Contact Info

5.7. Contractor

5.7.1. Contract Name #1 Contact Info

5.7.2. Contractor Name #2 Contact Info

5.7.3. Contractor Name #3 Contact Info

5.8. Title Closing Company

5.8.1. St. Louis Name: Resolutions Title Contact Info Address

5.8.2. Title Experts Contact Info Address

5.8.3. Title Company #1 Contact Info Address

5.8.4. Title Company #2 Contact Info Address

5.9. Appraiser

5.9.1. Name: Danny Maupin Contact Info: 636-373-4462

5.9.2. Appraiser Name #1 Contact Info:

5.9.3. Appraiser Name #2 Contact Info:

5.10. Inspector

5.10.1. Inspector Name #1 Contact Info

5.10.2. Inspector Name #2 Contact Info

5.11. Investment Realtor

5.11.1. Name: Terry Yuede Contact Info: 314-952-3971

5.12. Mold Remediation

5.12.1. Travis Boyer Moldman St Louis 314-282-9791

5.12.2. Jerrod Stewart Disaster Restoration Pros 314-620-9982

5.13. 1031 Exchange Specialist

5.13.1. Greg Schowe 314-369-8766 Email: [email protected]

5.14. Direct Mail Provider

5.14.1. 1. Website: High Equity In-State Absentee High Equity Out-of-State Absentee

5.14.2. 2. House Pic Marketing: Upload List To

5.15. Wholesale Buyers "The 16 Q's"

5.15.1. Find Them On... REIAs Meetup Groups Craig's List Zillow Bandit Signs R.E.S.S. Software. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

5.15.2. Ask for their specific deal criteria Give criteria to team to hunt

5.15.3. Centralize The Email List

5.15.4. Add to your CRM as Wholesale Buyers List

5.16. Commercial Lender

5.16.1. Name: Jason Palliser Contact Info: 314-749-3737

5.17. Property Management

5.17.1. Name: Terry Yuede Contact Info: 314-952-3971

5.17.2. Name: Brian Klarich Contact Info: 314-795-0127

5.18. Property Stager

5.18.1. Name: Tacia Beine: St. Louis Staged Homes Contact Info: 636-699-2856

5.19. Structural Engineer

5.19.1. Name: Contact Info

5.20. Insurance Agent

5.20.1. Name: Bill Kaatman Contact Info: 636-262-4361

5.21. Credit Repair Company

5.21.1. Name: Jason Palliser Contact Info: [email protected]

5.22. Investment Assassins

5.22.1. Alyssa Rispoli Contact: [email protected] Cell: 314-704-8282

5.22.2. Gerardo Rivera Email: [email protected] Cell: 314-808-2061

5.22.3. Jason Palliser Email: [email protected] Cell: 314-749-3737

5.22.4. 2 Day Blueprint Members Only Facebook Group Log into Facebook | Facebook

5.23. Investor Resources Continued

5.23.1. Branding Domain Search:

5.23.2. Deal Organization:

5.23.3. Property Analyzing & Marketing

5.23.4. Virtual Assistants:

5.23.5. Fast Video Screen Capture: Jing Project

5.23.6. Copywriting:

5.23.7. Direct Mail Lists: &

5.23.8. Calendar Automation:

5.23.9. Invoice Creator:

5.23.10. Sign Docs On The Fly: "Adobe Sign and Fill"

5.23.11. Separate Phone Line: Check out "Sideline"

5.24. Area Utilities

6. The Perfect Investor Day (2.5 Hours)

6.1. Wake Up!

6.2. Feet Do Not Touch The Floor!

6.3. Social Media Attack (5 - 10 Minutes)

6.3.1. 1. Check Meetup Group Emails First Scour Addresses To Look For Deals & Set Appt Provide Value: Answer Questions Share Value: Power Team, Resources, Motivation

6.3.2. 2. Check Facebook Groups Scour Addresses To Look For Deals & Send a Private Message Provide Value: Answer Questions Share Value: Power Team, Resources, Motivation

6.3.3. 3. Be The MOST Valuable 1. Steal From Jason Palliser See The: Being The Most Valuable Tab 2. Answer 3 Questions Per Day NOT HARD 3. A-Z Proactive Value Attack: Multi-Day Value Take Over Value Posts

6.4. Market Takeover Value Bombs

6.5. Drive For Dollars!!! 25 Home Minimum (30 Minutes)

6.5.1. Take Pics

6.5.2. Put Post-It-Note On Door

6.5.3. Add To System, the Run through systematic tab.

6.6. Offer Attack: Online RE FSBO (15 Minutes)

6.6.1. Execute: 2 Times A Week

6.6.2. Filtered Zip Code Search Start at 1/2 Median Sales Price & Work Up From There Select Zip Code & Filter By 2-4 Miles Select Most Desired Bed Count Set Sweet Spot Square Footage From Avg. Sq Footage Drill Down To Good Ones

6.6.3. Appointment Attack Copy, Paste Send: Email Text Call If They Answer... Get the Damn Appointment If Voicemail.... Then Leave An Urgent Message.

6.6.4. Websites Craig's List, Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, OLX,, Redfin

6.6.5. Execution Checklist (The Playbook) Ask To Give Cash Offer 20 Times Note: Search RE Sites At 20 to 30k Above Normal Buy Price 1. They Say YES 2. Give A Lowball Offer & Get A No (Expected Outcome) 3. Ask To Help "Market The Home For Free" 4. Set For 2 Week Follow-Up In Podio 5. Give Them Feedback. Tell Them You're Still Interested. Note: Some Will! Some Won't! Who Cares!

6.7. Set An Appointment At All Costs! (10 Minutes)

6.7.1. Try To Get At Least 1 Appt Per Day

6.7.2. Set A Crappy Appointment If You Need To

6.7.3. Deals close when you remove ASSUMPTIONS form the process.

6.8. Add Addresses To Podio & Send To Skip Trace (Organize) (15 Minutes)

6.9. Get Direct Mail Ready For Deployment (15 Minutes)

6.9.1. Colored Envelopes

6.9.2. Pre-Printed Notebook Letters 25% to 35% response rate

6.10. Provide Value In Groups Proactively

6.10.1. Collect Buyers/Partners/Apprentices

6.11. Attack One Off Market Strategy Per Day (30 - 50 Minutes)

6.12. Post A Bird Dog Ad On Craig's List (See Lead Generation Tab) (2 Minutes)

6.12.1. Try To Get 1 Bird Dog Per Week

6.12.2. They come and go. Focus on what you can control - Deliberate Posting

6.13. Get 2 Investor's Buying Criteria Per Day (3 Minutes)

6.13.1. Send Private Messages FB Groups - Pick 2 People Meetup Groups - Pick 2 People

6.13.2. Take 60% of their Max Sales Price & Set Triggers & Forget It!

7. Being The Most Valuable: Execution Blueprint

7.1. 1. Consistency Wins!

7.2. 2. Answers Everyones' Questions First In Every Networking Group Online Daily As A Standard Practice

7.3. 3. *** Valuable Campaigns & Resource Weapons To Drop

7.4. 4. Places To Share Valuable Tips & Info Consistently

7.4.1. Your Biz Website

7.4.2. Linkedin

7.4.3. Facebook

7.4.4. Meetup Groups

7.4.5. Your Email List

7.5. 5. Automate It Through IFTTT

7.6. 6. The Result... People Will Come To You For Everything

7.6.1. 1. For Help

7.6.2. 2. For Partnering

7.6.3. 3. To Learn

7.6.4. 4. Be On Your Team


8.1. Confidentiality Notice: This document is confidential and contains proprietary information and intellectual property of Chandler Holdings Group LLC. Neither this document nor any of the information contained herein may be reproduced or disclosed under any circumstances without the express written permission of Chandler Holdings Group LLC. Please be aware that disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this document and the information contained therein is strictly prohibited. Full disclosure, this is an interactive mind map and our team can see who is logged in to the map and what IP address is viewing the map. This is for your eyes only and we reserve the right to revoke access to the map and all future updates, if we determine there is misuse of the intellectual property.

9. Marketing Letters & Follow-up Assassin Folder

9.1. Seller Follow-up

9.1.1. Emails Follow-up 1: Quick Question About Your House Follow-up 2: Might Have A Buyer For You Follow-up 3: 5k Earnest Money Follow-up 4: I have more cash for your house.. Follow-up 5: Just a thought on your house... Follow-up 6: Change The Code Enforcement Rules For Your Area. Follow-up 7: Geebo & Estately Follow-up 8: Package deal for your house... Follow-up 9: Your neighbors... Follow-up 10: You win. Here is my higher offer. Follow-up 11: Other neighborhood homes that sold...

9.1.2. Text Messages

9.2. Code Violation & Vacant Letter

9.3. Probate Letter

9.4. Tax Delinquent Letter

9.5. FSBO Letter/Email

9.6. Code Violation Letter/Email

9.7. Cash Buyer Messages

9.8. Purchase Protocol (Notify The Team When You Get A Contract)

9.8.1. Kickoff E-mail

9.8.2. Point of Contact Back up

9.8.3. Contract

9.8.4. Title/Attorney

9.8.5. Insurance Agent

9.8.6. Type of Funding

9.8.7. Seller Info

9.8.8. Closing Date

9.8.9. Rehab or No

9.8.10. Exit Strategy

9.8.11. Contractor

9.8.12. Inspector

9.8.13. Appraiser

9.9. Post closing

9.9.1. Thank You - Team

9.9.2. Thank You - Seller

9.9.3. Ask for Biz Seller Closing Team

9.10. During Deal Check-in

9.10.1. Seller Ask if you can help in any way Have you identified your new home Reconfirm the closing date

9.11. Hard Money Request Email

9.12. Bank Funding Request Email

9.13. Insurance Quote Email

9.14. Inspector Email

10. Lead Response Attack "Systematic Approach"

10.1. Lead Generation Staples (Systematic Ones)

10.1.1. 1. Property Hunting: Online A. 1/2 The Median Sales Price B. Fastest Selling Bed Count C. Sq Footage Sweet Spot D. Motivated Seller "Phrases" E. For Sale By Owner Only F. 10 Second Search For Matches Don't Look At Pictures! Just....Set Appointment To See The House! G. 25 FSBOs A Day H. Call On At Least 25 Houses Per Day

10.1.2. 2. Drive For Dollars Drive For Dollars (2 Times A Week) The Good Properties... Looks Vacant Needs repairs Overgrown Yard Overflowing Mailbox Violation Stickers/Notices On The House Add at least 20 to 30 homes per week to Podio Attack The Lead Post It Notes Skip Trace & Call Them Send Them Letters

10.1.3. 3. Online Daily Hunt in FB & Meetup Groups Before Your Feet Hit the Floor Daily Look For Property Deals. Set Appt. **** Answer Peoples' Questions Ask For Peoples' Buying Criteria

10.1.4. 4. Delinquent Tax Attack 1. Grab Tax Delinquents from collector of revenue 2. Skip Trace 3. Send Tax Care Letter

10.1.5. 5. Direct Mail Mail To Your "Driving For Dollars" Addresses Use Blueprint Marketing Pieces High Equity Absentee Owners Step-By-Step

10.1.6. 6. Get 1-2 New Bird Dogs A Week Garbage In! Garbage Out!

10.1.7. 7. Bandit Signs 1. Buy your Signs 2. Get Verbiage From (live in person blueprint members) or (digital blueprint members) 3. Get The Markers From (live in person blueprint members) or (digital blueprint members) 4. Write Your Signs 5. Deploy Them On Friday & Pick Up Sunday

10.1.8. 8. Line Up At Least 1 Capital Partner Appt. Per Week

10.2. Custom List Filtering

10.2.1. Attack Multiple Layers Of Motivation First

10.3. 1. Put The Lead(s) or List(s) In Your Tracking System

10.4. 2. Send To Skip Tracing (TLO 18 to 25 Cents)

10.4.1. Cost 18 to 25 Cents

10.4.2. Reach Them & The Marketing $$ Stops!

10.4.3. TLO -

10.5. 3. Cold Call

10.5.1. 1. Eliminate Bad Phone Numbers (Round 1)

10.5.2. 2. Leave Voicemail "Not Sure If I Have The Right Person Or Not" "Let Me Know Either Way"

10.5.3. 3. Send Text Message "Not Sure If I Have The Right Person Or Not" "Let Me Know Either Way"

10.5.4. Blueprint Assassin Note: Have Someone Else Call (Different Voice May Equal Different Result)

10.6. 4. Massive Lead Flow - 200 or More At Once (Quick Automated Mass Destruction)

10.6.1. Deploy Mass Voicemail Drops

10.6.2. Deploy Mass Text Messages

10.6.3. Cookie Free IP Targeting

10.7. 5. Post-It-Note The Door

10.7.1. Special Note: If You have boots on the ground, then do this right when the lead comes in.

10.7.2. Cost 1/10th of 1 Cent

10.7.3. They Contact You. Marketing $$$ Stops!

10.7.4. You Or Someone Else To Door Tag

10.8. Sandwich: Cookie Free IP Target (Brain Branding)


10.9. 6. Drop The Direct Mail Bomb (Open Rate Matters)

10.9.1. Colored Envelope

10.9.2. Hand Written Letter

10.9.3. Crayons

10.9.4. Pen Type

10.10. Sandwich: Cookie Free Ip Target (Brain Branding)

10.11. 7. Rinse and Repeat (There is money in it)

10.11.1. A. Note The Door

10.11.2. B. Call From Your System

10.11.3. C. Mail them again

10.11.4. D. Change up the Mail Pieces (See under the direct mail section under lead generation) For Live Blueprint members: For Digital Blueprint members:


10.13. 9. Triple Threat Appointment Attack (Lead Type Specific)

10.13.1. A. Email: Copy, Paste, Send Seller Message #1 Seller Message #2: Lead Capture

10.13.2. B. Seller Text Every Time

10.13.3. C. Outbound Call Talk To Them = Set The Appointment Seller Waltz Them Voicemail Voicemail #1 Voicemail #2 Voicemail #3

10.13.4. D. The Fastest & Most Appointments Set... Wins The Investor Game Every Time!

10.13.5. E. Set Appointment At All Costs

10.13.6. F. Consistency Wins 1. Timing Wins Deals 2. Situation Changes 3. Multi-Response Marketing Attack

10.14. 10. SELLER WALTZ Like Your Life Depends On It!

10.14.1. A. EXPECT THE NO & WALTZ!

10.14.2. B. Stop Trying To Get The Contract

10.14.3. C. Offer To Help Them In Any Way!

10.14.4. D. Seller Waltz Them!

10.14.5. E. Keep Your Promise To Call Them Back!

10.14.6. F. Now Try To Work The Best Solution For Both Sides!

10.15. 11. When You Get The "No" You Were Looking For Then....

10.15.1. 1. Add To Podio Tracking System: Polite Follow-up Campaign Make Contact Every 7-10 Days To See If They Are Ready To Sell

10.15.2. 2. Help Them: Ask If You Can Market Their Home For Free

10.15.3. 3. Don't Start Your Car Without Blasting Out the "No" Opportunity! Don't Give The Exact Address Tell People To Send A Private Message (PM) Don't Care If Anyone Even Responds You Get Interested Parties, Then Lock Up Wholesale

10.16. 12. Follow Up Wins!

10.16.1. Mix It Up Seller Follow-up Emails Follow-up 1: Quick Question About Your House Follow-up 2: Might Have A Buyer For You Follow-up 3: 5k Earnest Money Follow-up 4: I have more cash for your house.. Follow-up 5: Just a thought on your house... Follow-up 6: Geebo & Estately Follow-up 7: Package deal for your house... Follow-up 8: Your neighbors... Follow-up 9: You win. Here is my higher offer. Follow-up 10: Other neighborhood homes that sold... Text Messaging Voicemails Direct Mail

10.17. 13. WIN THE DEAL! Relationship is EVERYTHING. Not Price!

10.18. 14. Write The Contract & Deliver To Title Company!

10.19. 15. Add Testimonial Request To Calendar ASAP For 2 Days Post Closing!


10.20.1. Congrats... You're A Professional!

10.21. Special Note: He or She With The BIGGEST Follow-up Funnel Wins!

11. Negotiations/Offers/Contracts

11.1. The Seller Waltz!

11.1.1. Expert Investor: Some will, Some Won't... Who Cares!

11.1.2. 2018-02-22_1204

11.2. 4 Minute Seller Waltz: Appointment Mastery

11.2.1. Appointment Foundation: Setting The Stage Blame It On Your Boss: Leaving The Open Loop: Relieves The Pressure Up Front Creates An Expectation Call back with offer & negotiate w/ cash offer We Don't Buy Every House, But We Try To Help Everyone!

11.2.2. Technique #1: How Low Can You go? Thanks for the info... one last thing! If we pay cash and can close in 3 weeks, what is the lowest you can go? "Is that as low as you can go" "So what you're saying is that if I come back with an offer of XXX that we cannot do business together?"

11.2.3. Technique #2: High & Low Offer Offer 1 Million vs. 1 Dollar = Meeting somewhere in the middle Free Home vs. A Dollar

11.2.4. Technique #3: Owner Financing Full Price for No Costs Sprinkle in ZERO Interest 75% Of Asking Price for Costs & Interest Terms Terms Strategy: Rent or Lease It Out Get Cash Flow They may just sell in the end to you anyway.

11.2.5. Technique #4: Partnering

11.2.6. Technique #5: Lease Option

11.2.7. Technique #6: Market Their Home For Free The Market Your Home Script You already know what price the want! ADVANTAGE: YOU Raise The price up 5k to 7k, then market it. Use REI BlackBook's Property Marketing Engine Takes 5 to 10 minutes & Publish to 40 + R.E. Websites If it does not sell, then they may sell to you. You get more buyer leads to work with. They can only sell to 1 person. Gets your biz more online exposure via other peoples' properties. What is the seller sees it at a higher price?

11.2.8. Technique #7: Don't Start Your Car

11.2.9. Technique #8: Good Cop/Bad Cop 2 Different People Make Offers Then call back b/c your first offer now looks better

11.2.10. Technique #9: Send Code Enforcement Violation Letter

11.3. Getting A "NO" Is The Name Of The Game!

11.3.1. ****** Expect To Get Your Offer Rejected, But... Follow This Formula... ****** 1. Cement Your Spot In The Seller's Brain 2. I have 2 projects to close out.... 3. Throw them in follow-up software

11.4. Turn "NO" Into Wholesale

11.4.1. Someone Is Going To Do The Deal!

11.4.2. Take Seller's Current Price & Add 5k

11.4.3. Put in FB & Meetup & Linkedin Groups

11.4.4. Ask Interested People To Send You A PM

11.4.5. Lock Up Wholesale Deal

11.5. Adjust Your Offers For

11.5.1. Make Adjustments for Days On Market

11.5.2. Condition

11.5.3. Time Frames To Close

11.5.4. Code Violations Or Not

11.5.5. Property Occupied or Not

11.6. Cannot Come To Terms

11.6.1. Don't Argue Your Way Out Of A Deal

11.7. Sometimes You Have Squatters

11.8. Contract Success Items & Exit Clauses

11.8.1. Try To Use The Same Closing Company

11.8.2. Earnest Money & Contract Winning Tip

11.8.3. Inspection Period

11.8.4. And/Or Assigns

11.8.5. Pending Partner's Approval

11.8.6. Buyer Reserves The Right To Close In Any Entity It Chooses.

11.8.7. Escalation Clause Use when it a competitive bid situation Buy it within a range

11.8.8. Reserves The Right To Buy....

11.8.9. Zoning

11.8.10. Clear Title

11.8.11. Appraisal Rider

11.8.12. Insurability Clause

11.8.13. Write In Land Trust

11.9. Contracts

11.9.1. Make It An Easy One!

11.9.2. Important Contract Items 10 - 14 Day Inspection Window (Get contractor in there) Check The Title Work Box (Need Clear Title) Add title company info so they know where you want to close Fill out Earnest Money section Fill in closing date Attach Proof of Funds if you have it to show ability to close Add Subject Address Sign it Add Acceptance expiration date Have "Blank Contract Addendum" ready for counter offers if needed.

11.9.3. Standardize The Contract For Ease Title/Closing Company Name, Address & Contact Info Inspection Windows - As Many Days As You Can Get. Standard is 10 - 14 days Earnest Money Amount Standard Amount Offer more to get for less Add The Appropriate Assignment Clause

11.9.4. Wholesale Contract Assignment Techniques Assignment Clauses And/Or Assigns Buyer has the right to close in any entity it chooses. Buy Property In A Trust Seller To Sign Consulting Agreement (Separate) Contract Assignment Document

11.9.5. Inspections Triggers Inspection: Pending Partners Approval Inspection: Contractors Window Inspection: Home Inspector Inspection: Sewer Line Inspection: Structural Engineer Inspection: Clear Title

12. Biz Non-Negotiables

12.1. You're The CEO: Master Flow, Then Scale!

12.1.1. Disclaimer: Set Your EGO Aside! This Doesn't Have To Be You!

12.2. Seek To Master The Process! Don't Worry About Outcomes!

12.3. Some Will! Some Won't! Who Cares!

12.4. Focus On Appointments, Not Contracts!

12.5. Pick What You Want To Be Known For!

12.6. To Win In This Business Understand That It Is Never About You!

12.7. Dispositions: Knowing Investors Buying Criteria = Closing Multiple Deals!

12.7.1. REIA Script

12.8. Process: Attack The Day! Don't Let It Attack You!

12.9. Consistency Wins Every Time!

12.10. Follow-up Wins Every Time!

12.10.1. Become A Follow-Up Assassin!

12.11. Data Doesn't Lie!

12.12. Acquisitions: Be The Most VALUABLE To The Seller Every Time!

12.13. Acquisitions: Turn "Seller No" Into Opportunities

12.14. Acquisitions/Process: Someone Is Going To Do The Deal! Why Not Profit From It!

12.15. Process: Experts Know... "Everything Is For Sale Damn It!"

12.16. Your Party: Never Miss A REIA Club Meeting

12.17. Best List Ever: "Driving For Dollars" or "D4D"

12.18. Line Up Capital Partners & Funding

12.18.1. Walk Into Every Appointment Knowing What Your Funding Looks Like!

12.19. Leverage Your Skill Sets

12.20. I Find The Unfindables!

12.21. Direct Mail: Never Stop Mailing & Never Stop Closing Deals!

12.22. Non-Negotiable FYI's

12.22.1. Become A Calendar Blocking Champion

12.22.2. Taking Over A Project Is Risky

12.22.3. I Have Competition, So Attack The Process Like A Monster!

12.23. Non Negotiables Download

13. 22 Investor Funding Questions

13.1. Go to the 22 Investor Funding Questions section online, and download the guide.

13.2. Re-read it.

13.3. Download it here

14. What Makes You More Money?

14.1. Little On Purpose Adjustments

14.1.1. Updated Marketing Pieces

14.1.2. Frequency Tweaks

14.2. More Lead Sources

14.3. Refined Process

14.4. Leverage

14.5. Remove Inefficiencies

14.5.1. How You Attack Matters

14.6. Expanded Market Coverage

14.7. Less Marketing Spend

14.8. Better Business Planning

14.8.1. Deductions

14.8.2. SEP IRA or Solo 401k

15. Scaling & Leverage

15.1. Leverage Logistics

15.1.1. Cold Call Leverage Resource:

15.1.2. Set Up An Authorized Signer For Closings

15.1.3. Add 2 to 3 Teammates

15.2. Scaling & Expanding Reach

15.2.1. City Scaling Logistics 1. Appointment Assassins Learn The Seller Waltz Take Pics Of Entire Property. Send Waltz Answers ASAP To Team Lead. Deliver Contracts Deliver Contracts To Title Company Sign W-9 Before Starting Sign Non-Compete If Applicable 2. Pre-Written Contracts 3. Investor Friendly Title Company: Set Up Relationship 1. Get Wiring Instructions To Send Earnest Money 2. Give Them Your Company Documents 3. Make Your Appt Assassin An Authorized Signer, If needed 4. Give Them Your Wiring Information 5. Establish Point Of Contact At Closing Company 6. Ask To Be Notified Personally On Any Title Defect. 4. Join all Inv. FB Groups & Meetups Systematically Get Cash Buyers Criteria Hunt For Houses Every Morning 5. Blast out locked up contracts FB Groups Meetup Groups Personal Cash Buyers List Post in REI BlackBook Property Marketing Engine 6. Set up Automated Triggers Through Personal Deal Triggers Other Investor Triggers 7. Copy This Section & Paste In Your Map For Each City 8. Add The City Operator To Your Podio To Track Lead/Deal Flow

15.3. Podio Automation

15.3.1. Connecting Podio w/ Google Calendar Podio Calender .mov

15.3.2. Exporting/Importing Leads w/ Podio Exel Export

15.3.3. Creating Tasks In Podio Creating

15.4. Ringless Voicemails

15.5. Execution Videos

15.5.1. Ways To Shoot Videos Shoot "How To Videos" Using Jing Project Use Video Screen Capture on your computer.

15.5.2. What To Video? 1. How To Set Up IFTTT Triggers? 2. How To Hunt For Houses Online (in your area)? 3. How To Write A Contract For You? 4. How To Bird Dog For You? 5. What Title Company To Use & What They Need? 6. Where To Market The Properties? 7. How To Post & Respond In FB Groups

15.6. - Recipes

15.6.1. Automate seller leads coming to you

15.6.2. Automate TEXT Reminders To Property Hunt

15.7. VAs

15.7.1. 1. Set up an interview to discuss how they can help you grow.

15.7.2. 2. Give them all of your hunting criteria.

15.7.3. 3. Give them your "Canned Appt. Messages"

15.7.4. 4. Set Them Up To Directly Add Leads To Podio

15.7.5. 5. Give Them Access To Your Email To Follow-up For You

15.8. Incoming Call Companies

15.8.1. Site:

15.8.2. Site:

15.8.3. Site:

15.9. Interns

15.9.1. Train them well Use Jing Project to record "How To" Videos for training

15.9.2. Incentivize them

15.9.3. They need to train their replacement

15.10. Bird Dogs - Driving For Dollars

15.10.1. Bird Dog Script Thank you for your inquiry. We are looking to find the right people to get paid for sending us address of homes that are one of the following: Vacant Grass and landscaping overgrown Mailbox overflowing House looks run down and in need of repair Code violation stickers on the house. Send us the address, a picture of the house and put a note on the door that we will provide you. There are 3 ways to make money with us. All you need to do send us the address and we will look to buy the house. When we buy the house we will cut you a check for $,1000 per house. You can get paid $1 per address provided that you agree to send a minimum of 50 addresses. We can place a Vinyl Decal on your back windshield that has a number to call about us buying anyone’s house with a trackable extension to you. When we buy the house you get $1,000.

15.11. List Tracking

15.11.1. What Lists? Pre-foreclosures, Tax Defaults, D4D, Vacant Lists, Code Violations

15.11.2. Key Is To Be Systematic Track Leads To Call Track Call To Appt Track Appt To Contract Track % Follow-up To Contract w/in 60 days

15.11.3. Type Of Lists Semi-Static List Weekly Lists

15.11.4. List Scrubbing

15.11.5. Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Dropbox Google Sheets

16. To-Do Items

16.1. Laminate Your Non-Negotiables

16.2. Laminate your "Systematic Attack" & "Perfect Investor Day" Tabs

16.3. Get a "Post It Note Stamp"

16.4. Add "Driving For Dollars" To Your Calendar (2 Days/Week)

16.4.1. Get 50 Vacant/Distressed Houses Next Week

16.4.2. Skip The Hell Out Of Them! Skip Genie - Skip Tracing Magic

16.5. Call 5 to 10 Hard Money Lenders & Create Answer Cheat Sheet (48 Hours)

16.6. Got to online resource & get each marketing attack going

16.6.1. Live Blueprint Event members:

16.6.2. Digital Blueprint members:

16.7. Create A Bird Dog Email To Tell Them What you Want

16.8. Interview 20 People As Potential Capital Partners

16.9. Text Yourself The Email & Text Messages in the Systematic Attack Tab #10

16.10. Copy Resource:

16.11. Find out how many years behind on taxes before a house goes to tax sale in your city

16.12. Join 5-10 RE Investment Groups in 24 Hours

16.12.1. Facebook

16.12.2. Meetup Groups

16.12.3. LinkedIn

16.13. Set Up Skip Tracing Service: Suggestion: Skip Genie - Skip Tracing Magic

16.14. Set 10 Walk-Through Appointments In 7 Days

16.15. Develop a Property Wish List For Bird Dogs

16.15.1. Garbage In, Garbage Out!

16.16. Build Your Wholesale Buyers List ASAP (Software & 16 Q's)

16.17. Fill Your Power Team Well By Asking The Right Questions (Q's in power team leg)

16.18. Find out when the Tax Sale Lists Come Out & Block Calendar To Attack

16.19. Set Up "Every Door Direct" Account

17. Building Your Machine

17.1. Turn Your Real Estate Biz Into A Machine

17.2. Develop Proactive Versus Thinking Mentality

17.3. Master The Process Versus Worrying About Outcomes

17.4. Master Filling Your Funnel

17.5. Be Prepared To Close

17.6. Get Your Plan Together: Becoming An Unstoppable Machine

17.7. Personal Investment Number or P.I.N.

17.7.1. Don't Invest If You Don't Know Your Number

17.7.2. Formula A: Residential/Multi-Unit Freedom Lifestyle Income # / Month 5k Divide Mo. Lifestyle # by $200 (Avg. Cash Flow Per Door) = # Units For Freedom 25 Units Lifestyle Freedom Times # Units by 160k (Avg. Price/Unit) = $$ Needed For Freedom 4 Million In Houses Times Total $$ Houses by 25% or .25 (Downpayment Needed For Freedom) 1 Million Downpayment For Freedom Divide $$ Downpayment By 30k (Avg. Profit / Flip) = # Flips To Lifestyle Freedom 33 Flips For Lifestyle Freedom

17.7.3. Formula B: Mobile Home Freedom Apply Formula A, but adjust from below Divide Mo. Lifestyle # by $400 (Avg. Cash Flow / MH (Single Wide) = # MH For Lifestyle Freedom 12.5 Mobile Homes For Lifestyle Freedom Times # MH Needed by 5-7k (Avg. Price / SWMH) = $$ Needed For Lifestyle Freedom 7k x 12.5 = $87,500 Lifestyle Freedom Divide MH $$ Needed For Lifestyle Freedom by 30k (Avg. Flip Profit) = # Flips To Lifestyle Freedom 2.5 Flips Needed For Lifestyle Freedom

18. Investing & Exit Strategies

18.1. Deal Flow

18.1.1. Property Hunting Approach 1. You've Picked 3 Areas In Your Market To Attack 2. Set Reoccurring House Hunting Appt on Calendar This should be a daily appt w/ the sites listed Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Site: Facebook Groups Linkedin Groups Google Search: "Your City" Properties Site for Rents: 3. Talk To Sellers & Say The Same Thing Every Time

18.1.2. Add Opportunities Into Tracking System REI BlackBook Podio

18.1.3. Set An Appointment First

18.1.4. Pull Comps A. If Comps Look Good, Then Keep The Appointment B. If Comps Look Bad, Then Call Back & Negotiate A Lower Price Before You Go There C. If it is a deal ,but not good enough for you, then keep the appt and lock it up to wholesale to someone else

18.1.5. Make An Offer Every Time Yes = Write Contract No = Follow-up Funnel - REI BlackBook No = Send to FB, Meetup & Linkedin Networks (someone will do the deal) If anyone interested, then immediately send to HML

18.1.6. Accepted Contract Due Diligence Period Inspection Contractor Submit For Funding ASAP Order Title ASAP Blast Out For Wholesale Wholesale - If this is your exit!

18.1.7. Get Funding Approved Doesn't mean you're closing

18.1.8. If keeping, get Insurance Quote

18.1.9. Get Formalized Contractor Bid

18.1.10. Close

18.1.11. Renovate Get "NOIS" Notice Of Intended Sale

18.1.12. Pre-Market Sign in yard REI BlackBook Facebook Twitter Craigslist

18.1.13. Accept End Buyer Contract Fine Tooth Comb

18.1.14. 1031 Exchange - Maybe Rules File for 1031 Own The Property For At Least 1 Year 45 Days from Closing To Identify 180 Days from Closing To Close Like-Kind-Property Result = Avoid Paying Taxes On Gain Result = Avoid Paying Taxes On Gain

18.1.15. Send Thank You Cards To Everyone Involved

18.1.16. Rinse & Repeat

18.2. Rental Property

18.2.1. Passive Income

18.2.2. Go to and see rents

18.2.3. Call Property Manager for area rents

18.2.4. Calculate Payment

18.2.5. Taxes? & Insurance?

18.2.6. What is the cash flow?

18.2.7. Market for rent...

18.2.8. Application & Background Check

18.2.9. VOR - Verification of Rent

18.2.10. Rental Agreement Grace Period Security Deposit Maximum Number Of Occupants Late Fee

18.2.11. Security Deposits

18.2.12. Video Walk-through

18.3. Fix & Flip

18.3.1. Ask Seller What Needs To Be Fixed

18.3.2. Set Appointment

18.3.3. Run Numbers

18.3.4. Contract - w/ Grace Period

18.3.5. Inspection & Contractor Bid During Grace Period

18.3.6. Hammer Seller Down - Find New Things Wrong

18.3.7. Get Funding

18.3.8. Title & Insurance

18.3.9. File NOIS - Notice Of Intended Sale ASAP

18.3.10. Make sure Contractor can start the day you close

18.3.11. Make sure contractor files permits

18.3.12. Pre-market the property when 3 weeks out from completion

18.3.13. Be pre-pared to pay buyer's closing costs

18.4. Wholesale

18.4.1. Seller Agrees To Sell

18.4.2. Write Wholesale Contract

18.4.3. Market it to rehabbers FB Groups Meetup Group Linkedin Groups REIAs Personal List Other Wholesalers

18.4.4. 2 Types of Wholesales Assignment of Contract Simultaneous Closing

18.4.5. Get Rehabber Contract from your end buyer

18.4.6. You better get POF from you end buyer

18.4.7. Line up $$$ Just In Case They Don't Close

18.5. Lease Option

18.5.1. Close on the property

18.5.2. Fix it if it needs fixing

18.5.3. If marketable, then market it ASAP

18.5.4. Set Showings...

18.5.5. Tell lease option people what you want down.

18.5.6. Get Application & Do BackGround Check

18.5.7. Agree to a monthly Lease Payment Amount!

18.5.8. Make them responsible for all repairs

18.5.9. Agree to a higher future sales price...

18.5.10. Specify amount of time they have to buy...

18.5.11. Sandwich Lease Option *****

18.6. Mobile Homes

18.6.1. Massive ROI

18.6.2. Single Wide

18.6.3. Park Manager

18.6.4. Lot Rent

18.6.5. Make Offer

18.6.6. Not Real Estate - Personal Property

18.6.7. Where to market your homes...

18.6.8. Owner Finance Tips

18.6.9. Sell your remaining note for a discount

18.7. Commercial

18.7.1. Downpayment: 20 to 30% down

18.7.2. 90 Day Due Diligence

18.7.3. JV Exploration

18.7.4. Rent Roll