Climate change

Meine Mindmap zum Thema ,,Climate change" im Fach Englisch

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Climate change により Mind Map: Climate change

1. Definition

1.1. a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels

1.2. a change in global or regional climate patterns

2. Causes

2.1. natural causes

2.1.1. greenhouse effect Without the greenhouse effect, life would not be possible on earth ensures a global mean temperature of around 15 ° C

2.2. human - made

2.2.1. Use of fussil fuel instead of renewable energies waste of energy unnecessarily high energy consumption in everyday life like brown coal bad climate balance

2.2.2. rainforest deforestation slash-and-burn releases CO2 the forest is destroyed as a natural CO2 store

2.2.3. industrialization / industry more and more machines and factories

2.2.4. traffic and tourism CO2 emissions humanity is becoming more and more mobile frequent flights cruises instead of riding a bike, drive by car or bus Goods and goods traffic consumption

2.2.5. Agriculture Carbon dioxide huge amounts of carbon dioxide are released from the wood and the underlying soil methane is produced in cattle farming and rice cultivation laughing gas arises especially when using nitrogen fertilizer and manure in animal husbandry Cut down forest areas Bogs drained

2.2.6. greenhouse effect Human influence is added to this natural “greenhouse” burning fossil fuels changed land use

3. Consequences

3.1. for the human

3.1.1. Increasing diseases

3.1.2. Spread of pests

3.1.3. Climate refugees

3.2. for the nature

3.2.1. global warming

3.2.2. temperature of the seas are rising

3.2.3. Oceans start emitting CO2 instead of storing it

3.2.4. evaporation

3.2.5. melting glacier

3.2.6. Rise of the sea level could flood low lying coastal areas and cities

3.2.7. Increasing weather extremes aridity monsoon

3.2.8. Species extinction

3.2.9. damage to the ecosystem

3.2.10. Collapse of the rainforests

4. How can I/We solve it?

4.1. eat less meat

4.2. to travel more sustainably / travel less

4.3. save energy / use alternative energies

4.4. Support environmental protection projects

4.5. get a electric car

4.6. Rethink consumer behavior

4.7. emissions trading

4.8. recycling

4.9. waste less

4.10. Use products together & multiple times

4.11. bike instead of a car

4.12. use LED lights

4.13. go ,,Bio"