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The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web da Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web

1. Aliases

1.1. Edmond Dantes

1.1.1. Main character of the story and he created all of these false names for himself

1.1.2. Was in prision for 14 years for a crime he did not even do

1.1.3. He free's himself eventually and goes to get punish to the people who did him wrong and reward the people who have helped him

1.1.4. Was engaged to Mercedes but a huge scene happened involving cops and police so the wedding was called off

1.1.5. Used other people (children) of the people he wanted to get revenge on or reward to find out where they were and to reach them

1.2. The Count of Monte Cristo

1.2.1. He killed Fernand because he barged in and told his son to not continue to battle in the duel so he challenged Fernand to a duel.

1.2.2. Escapes from prison after 14 years

1.3. Sinbad the Sailor

1.3.1. Another false name he used to disguise himself

1.3.2. Also is the person that he adopted when he was in Italy

1.4. Abbe Busoni

1.4.1. An Italian priest he was disguised as to gain peoples trust back and to not be found from escaping from prison

1.5. Number 34

1.5.1. This is the number that Dantes was when he was in prison

2. Dantes Allies

2.1. Abbe Faria

2.1.1. Dantes met him in prison

2.1.2. He was a priest that a lot of people looked up to

2.1.3. He helped Dantes find the treasure by telling him where it was located

2.1.4. He died from a stroke during his time in prison

2.1.5. He was very wise and he taught Dantes how to read and write

2.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

2.2.1. Another one of Dantes servents that wanted to kill Villefort, so he stabbed him and took his baby

2.2.2. Another one of Dantes servents he always went to him for things because he knew he could do what he was told to do

2.3. Luigi Vampa

2.3.1. Bandit who kidnapped Albert de Morcef

2.4. Ali

2.4.1. He was Dantes servent

2.5. Jacopo Manfredi

2.5.1. He was the person who helped dantes get out of the water when he escaped from prison

2.6. Haydee

2.6.1. Dantes "slave" he bought her in Italy (he saved her)

2.6.2. At the end they fell in love with each other

3. Morcerf Family

3.1. Mercedes Mondego

3.1.1. Was Dantes fiance but after he was imprisoned for 3 years she married Fernand

3.1.2. She also was called Countess De Morcef

3.1.3. She took care of Dantes father until he died after Dantes was imprisoned

3.1.4. She recognized Dantes after he came back from escaping prison

3.1.5. Her son challlanged Dantes to a duel but then came

3.2. Fernanad Mondego

3.2.1. Marries Mercedes

3.2.2. Becomes Count de Morcef after he enrolled in the Military

3.2.3. Was Dantes first victim of his revenge

3.2.4. Was driven to suicide from Dantes revenge

3.2.5. He sold Ali's wife into slavery

3.3. Albert de Morcerf

3.3.1. He is fernands and mercedes son

3.3.2. He challenged count to a duel

3.3.3. He did not know what actually happened with count until his mom Mercedes told him the truth and he apologized to the count

3.3.4. He was kidnapped at the carnival

3.3.5. Count saved him from being kidnapped and he invited him back to his house to have dinner to thank him, the only reason count went was to get revenge on alberts father, fernand

4. Danglars Family

4.1. Baron Danglars

4.1.1. Dantes biggest enemy

4.1.2. He did not like Dantes because he became the captain when he wanted to

4.1.3. Dantes did not get revenge on him, surprisingly

4.1.4. He lost his family, money and reputation but still showed no emotion and was not driven to suicide from all these bad things happening in his life

4.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

4.2.1. Baron Danglars wife

4.2.2. She had an affair on Baron Danglars with Villefort

4.3. Eugenie Danglars

4.3.1. Madame Hermine and Danglars daughter

5. Villefort Family

5.1. Gerard de Villefort

5.1.1. Nortier is his father

5.1.2. He denounced his father in order to protect his career

5.1.3. He was a royal prosecuter

5.1.4. Also responsible for Dantes imprisonment

5.1.5. He imprisoned Dantes to protect his career

5.2. Renee de Villefort

5.2.1. Villeforts first wife

5.2.2. Valentines real mother

5.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Meran

5.3.1. The grandmother of Valentine (Villeforts mother) who was the first to be poisoned by Mme De Villefort and died

5.4. Valentine de Villefort

5.4.1. Villefort's daughter

5.4.2. Mme Villefort tried to poison her for money

5.4.3. She survived the poison and lived happily ever after with Maxamillion at the end

5.5. Monsieur Noirteir de Villefort

5.5.1. He was responsible for Dantes imprisonment

5.5.2. He became a public prosecute in Paris

5.5.3. His daughter is Valentine

5.6. Edouard de Villefort

5.6.1. He challenged Dantes to a duel because he thinks that he destroyed his fathers honor

5.6.2. He thinks that Dantes destroyed his father

6. Other Characters

6.1. Raoul, Baron de Chateau-Renaud

6.1.1. He was saved by Maximilian during a military campaign in Africa

6.2. Monsieur de Boville

6.2.1. the inspector-general of prisons who visited the Chateau d'If in a year after Dantes had gotten there

6.3. Barrios

6.3.1. He died after drinking the Lemonade and was also Nortiers servent

6.4. Monsieur d'Avrigny

6.4.1. Doctor who helped the Villefort family

6.5. Ali Tebelen (Ali Pasha)

6.5.1. Haydees father, Fernand Killed him

7. Other Characters

7.1. Gaspard Caderousse

7.1.1. He drank way too much

7.1.2. He was a coward

7.1.3. He was never smart when it came to money

7.1.4. Knew nothing about Dantes imprisonment

7.1.5. He did not do anything to end it when he found out

7.2. Louis Dantes

7.2.1. Dantes father

7.2.2. Starves himself while Dantes was in jail

7.3. Baron Franz dEpinay

7.3.1. Alberts friend who met Count in Rome during the carnival and was originally supposed to marry Valentine

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.4.1. A french minister that sneaks government secrets to his Madame Danglars who he loves

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. A well known journalist that was a good friend of Albert

8. Morrell Family

8.1. Pierre Morrell

8.1.1. Dantes old boss

8.1.2. Very close with Dantes

8.1.3. He was very trustworthy and was a shipowner

8.2. Maximillen Morrell

8.2.1. Valentines love

8.2.2. Was crushed and so upset when he thought Valentine was dead from the posion

8.2.3. Said he was going to kill himself if she was dead but Dantes convinced him to wait a month to see if things get better, and they did

8.2.4. Goes off with Valentine at the end of the book and they are happy together

8.3. Julie Herbault

8.3.1. Pierre Morrells only daughter

8.3.2. Dantes was chosen to help save her father

8.3.3. Marries Emmanuael Herbault

8.4. Emmanuel Herbault

8.4.1. He is married to Julie Herbault