TEDxAmsterdam 2013 A drone inside everybody's pocket

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 A drone inside everybody's pocket da Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 A drone inside everybody's pocket

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2.2.1. Bart Remes Project manager TU Delft co-designer DelFly TU Delft Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory

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2.3.1. Themes Technology Drones Open Source

2.3.2. Related talks Fairphone -- changing the way products are made

2.3.3. Reactions In 5years we will all have a small Drone next to our phone! Bart Remes @TUdelft #TedxAms #cool #drones #open http://www.keek.com/!okWxdab Very neat demonstration of two personal sizes drones by Bart Remes @TEDxAms #TEDxAMS pic.twitter.com/UqztVYhiI7 - Be careful what you wish for - BartRemes: 'i hope to see more drones in the future' #privacy #TEDxAms #creepyfuture

3. your smartphone and this small drone are pretty similar

3.1. senors used in your phone:

3.1.1. gps

3.1.2. magnetometer

3.1.3. accelerometer to tilt your map upside down

3.2. the same sensors in these small drones

3.3. we were able to make small autopilots due to smartphone revolution

3.3.1. parts get smarter and smarter

3.3.2. in 5 years: everybody will also have a small drone is his/her pocket

4. The Delfly drone

4.1. http://www.delfly.nl/

4.2. specs

4.2.1. flapping wing UV

4.2.2. mostly created from foam

4.2.3. weighs only 17 grams important because of safety

4.2.4. equipped with a camera

5. Small autopilot from TU delft

5.1. controls, either

5.1.1. manually using remote using your iPhone in follow-me mode

5.1.2. autonomous using Google earth combining smart software small sensors Tiny GPS

5.2. open source

5.2.1. all software

5.2.2. all hardware

5.2.3. so eveybody in the world can contribute can create their own small drone

5.2.4. why if all people have access to these drones, some great things will be popping out

5.2.5. remember your smartphone first as a gadget then Facebook apps appered now you can't live without it we hope to have the same development for these drones

5.3. applications

5.3.1. small drones filming instead of big camera crane

5.4. making it small

5.4.1. why make it so small to create smaller drones we're engineers: we want to do research we want to do hard things

5.4.2. smaller = making it harder limited power limited processing power need to make smart hardware smart software