Partial Truths, or the Carnivalization of Desire

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Partial Truths, or the Carnivalization of Desire da Mind Map: Partial Truths, or the Carnivalization of Desire

1. Sexuality in the context of local culture

1.1. This chapter confronts the peculiar form of machismo that is present in places like Felicidade Eterna.

1.1.1. Goldstein argues that there are a number of disturbing elements that structure everyday sexuality, but there is no easy way to confront these elements because the discourses that would be necessary to battle these problems are either not well developed, not disseminated beyond the reaches of the middle and upper class, or simply taboo. Sexuality is important to the Carioca identity in Rio. Presentation of elders as capable of expressing interest in sex and the presentation of a daughter encouraging her father to speak of his infidelities appear in an equally amusing light.

2. Carnivalization of Desire

2.1. An in-depth exploration of humor in the form of sexuality teasing or sexual joking leads us to an analysis of Brazilian Sexuality that goes in a different direction than the standard story of sexual permissiveness and sexual positiveness that has been presented in academic literature.

2.1.1. In Rio de Janeiro, public flirtation is an elaborate and beloved game, not scrutinized as an objectification of women's bodies but rather appreciated as pleasurable and complimentary of woman's bodies. Goldstein's efforts are not meant as a complete replacement for or negation of sex positiveness, rather she suggests that there is a neglected aspect to the overtly sex positive narrative that has been emphasized by a lineage of scholars focusing on male homoeroticism and the more playful aspects of transgression.

3. Ethnography: Local Sexual Culture in Felicidade Eterna

3.1. Metaphors about food and eating are often used to express ideas about sexuality.

3.1.1. The standard understanding of maleness and male identity in Brazilian construction of sexuality is that a man who eats other men and assumes the public status as the active sexual can affirm male identity as homen. Women who consume too many sexual partners are referred to chickens and piranhas.

4. From Boys to Men: Normative Masculinization and heterosexuality.

4.1. Among working class Cariocas it is considered unhealthy for a man to go with out sex.

4.1.1. Gloria encouraged Lucas, her son, to visit a prostitute because that would be the only way he could get a girl. Women associate losing their virginity with losing their childhood

5. Sacanagem, transgression and female foundry system.

5.1. Sacanagem is notions of aggression and hostility, play and amusement sexual excitement and erotic practice in a single symbolic practice.

5.1.1. In Brazil the age of sexual consent is 14 Women are often cast in the role of sexual boundary setters.

6. A joke that even Gloria did not find funny

6.1. Gloria started dating a retired marine named Mauro, Mauro practiced Ubanda( Afro-Brazilian religion)

6.1.1. Mauro joked that he would eat his mother and sister one night, Gloria packed up her belongings

7. Partial Truths:

7.1. Women sometimes manage to subvert the ideal and speak in a language of resistance,