How I’ve Made Over $40,000 This Year Working At Home

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How I’ve Made Over $40,000 This Year Working At Home da Mind Map: How I’ve Made Over $40,000 This Year Working At Home

1. Find Out Where You‘re Making The Most Impact

1.1. Figure out what’s helping you convert time into the most money.

1.2. Track both the amount of money you make doing certain things as well as the amount of time you spend doing them.

1.3. If you’re spending lots of time on something that’s only yielding you 10% of your earnings, then try to cut down on it.

1.4. What gets measured, gets improved.

2. Work With A Partner

2.1. If you can pay them, great. Or agree to split whatever you make later

2.2. Having a reliable partner is like making a clone of yourself. It’s adding 40 extra hours per week to your workload.

2.3. Sure, you need to pay your clone, but you gotta spend money to make money.

3. Find A Way To Automate Things

3.1. Find ways to automate things, especially with online courses. ConvertKit is a good option

3.2. Try this strategy for making money online:

3.2.1. Create a revenue stream.

3.2.2. Automate it.

3.2.3. Create another revenue stream.

3.2.4. Automate it.

3.2.5. And so on