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Plant parts par Mind Map: Plant parts

1. Leaves

1.1. edges

1.1.1. smooth edge palm tree

1.1.2. jagged edge hibiscus

1.2. veins

1.2.1. parallel veins

1.2.2. network veins

2. Stem

2.1. Thick woody stem

2.1.1. can hold the plant upright and doesn't need a support to grow on

2.2. Weak stem

2.3. Purpose

2.3.1. to hold the plant upright even during rains and storms (Thick woody stems) and to transport the food and water that the roots take in through their water and food-carrying tubes

3. Roots

3.1. Tap roots

3.1.1. go deep underground to anchor the plant to the ground and to take in water and mineral salts

3.2. Fibrous roots

3.2.1. near the surface of the ground and to take in water and mineral salts

4. Names of the people doing this project:

4.1. Reuben Man

4.2. Jagpreet Kaur

4.3. Rahul G.S

5. Assignments assigned to each person:

5.1. Reuben Man or myself's assignment: Did the Leaves part.

5.2. Jagpreet Kaur's assignment: Did the roots part.

5.3. Rahul G.S's assignments: Did the roots part.