The Groundhog Day

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The Groundhog Day par Mind Map: The Groundhog Day

1. Module 5. Task 1. Vasyl Alexandra

2. It says, "Hey people, you can change your life completely in one day. You just gotta try and put some efforts in it."

3. Then it says, "Live your every day as if it was the only one you have in your life".

4. One of the biggest problems in today's society, I think, is that people are too lazy to live. Too sarcastic about life, too discontent, too afraid. But mostly too lazy.

5. On the contrary, it was even better, because having watched it before in Russian, I knew the Russin ecvivalents to the unknown to me words they were saying, and so the efficience of learning English in such a way was even bigger.

6. First of all, I want to say that it is not the first time I've watched the movie. But it certainly didn't make the second watching experience even a tad boring.

7. Anyway, every now and then, some things like this film appear to make people think about what they have today, and how precious life is; some things that make them move.

8. Plus, a movie in two languages is two diiferent movies. For me, at least.

9. I like the way the movie starts: a big city, where we get to to know the main characters, some cool weather broadcast, jokes... and then they plunge into something new: a long travel through mountains, a winding road, nice little houses on the sidelines and, finnally, a small town they take us along to.

10. An interesting fact is that nearly all of the movie itself was shot in Woodstock, Illinois, and not in Punxsutawney where Phil-the-Groundhog actually lives, but oh well. The setting is not the main point here, is it?

11. I also like the fact that it's a 1993 movie, and not some 2000s stuff, because, you know, films of the... previous era (heh) have something special in them. I don't mean the ideas and whatnot, but the technologies. Like, nowadays the image is just too real. Too legible, I don't know.

12. The love line is ok and touching, but the movie has got so much more in it. There are two big ideas I see in the film:

13. I read somewhere tht this is the best Bill Murrey's film, but as I haven't seen any other movie with him starring there, I can't say. But if it is, then well, some actors are just born to play that one role. Bill Murrey is Phil Connors in the film, and I believe him.

14. The cast generally is good, I have no idea who these people are, I mean, I don't know any of their names, but they're amazing actors.