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1. Skills

1.1. Arts

1.2. drama

1.3. creative writing

1.4. story telling

2. born with it

2.1. some people are either creative or not

2.1.1. but it also comes down to how you taught to use your imaginative thoughts and transfer them in a creative way

3. Personal

3.1. deals with 'unreal' thought

3.2. No one else can see them

3.2.1. from your own mind

4. Creation of ideas from the unknown

4.1. can be formed different perspectives

4.2. thoughts go down any path you have control of where they go and if you use them

5. "Notice what there is to be notice"- Maxine Greene

5.1. going beyond the top layer

6. Do we grow out of it?

6.1. everyone has an imagination we choose how to use it

6.2. as we get older it can decline for a number of reasons

6.2.1. we aren't being challenged as adults

6.2.2. "We don't grow into creativity we grow out of it" Sir Ken Robinson

7. Students

7.1. Jefferson's 4C model

7.1.1. Critical Thinking

7.1.2. Communication

7.1.3. Collaboration

7.1.4. Creativity

7.2. explore thoughts and ideas

7.3. work with others - share ideas and thoughts

8. Teachers

8.1. motivate students

8.2. encourage and support ideas

8.3. engage students in reflection

8.3.1. transferring ideas

8.3.2. Ask open ended questions

8.4. Create a supportive environment where students are free to ask questions


9.1. Links to imagination

9.1.1. imagination is creativity applied

9.2. is the ability to use the imaginative thoughts to build upon knowledge and skills

10. Maxine Greene

10.1. Creative thinking/imagining are important aspects in a persons life through learning and everyday aspects

10.2. to notice what were is to be notices - going beyond the top layer

11. Ask questions

11.1. "As if"

11.2. "what next"

11.3. "why"

11.4. "how"

12. Ideas

12.1. interests

12.2. what motivates them

12.3. influences

12.3.1. teachers

12.3.2. parents

13. where they can come from

13.1. dreams

13.2. goals

13.3. realistic/unrealistic thoughts

14. beginning the progress from exercising their imagination turning that into exercising their creativity