THCT202 - Mind Map

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1. Rituals

1.1. Reflect and celebrate what is most important to the transcendent group

1.2. fundamental to human life

1.2.1. bond a community

1.2.2. can be shared

1.2.3. can be an individual ritual for own reasoning

1.3. Can be for; remembering, celebrating and change of status

1.3.1. linking to the 7 Sacraments

2. Symbols

2.1. Make present abstract realities

2.2. They can convey more than one meaning

2.3. Greek Term Symbolon "to put with" or "bring together"

2.4. meanings not always fixed, vary from person to person

2.5. humans engage in the search for meaning through the use of symbols

2.6. Symbol is a sign that has a deep multi-layered meanings

2.7. Building blocks of communication

3. Grace

4. Theology

5. 7 Sacraments

5.1. Baptism

5.2. Confirmation

5.3. Eucharist

5.4. Reconcilliation

5.5. Marriage

5.6. Holy Orders

5.7. Anointing of the sick

6. God

7. Humans

7.1. Are transcendent beings

7.2. human language a system of sophisticated referential symbols

8. Sign

8.1. Represents something (an abstract referent)

8.2. has only 1 fixed meaning

8.3. signs have the potential to become a Symbol

9. Sacrament is a christian symbol and ritual, not just a referent.

9.1. Makes something intangible, tangible

9.2. Brings those taking part in a sacrament into contact with the transcendent, with god and grace

10. Second Vatican Council

10.1. Its desire is to create unity between Christian churches

10.1.1. building a relationship between the church and the modern world

10.2. Founder Pope John XXII

10.3. 4 Constitutions

10.3.1. 9 Decrees 3 Declarations

10.4. Prsyer and liturgy is most visible annd immediate

11. Paschal Mystery

11.1. explores the death resurrection of Christ

11.2. Through Christ is how God is communicating with is his mystery

11.3. Celebrating/perfroming a sacrament you are creating, exploring and deepening your connection with Christ and God

12. Sacramental principle

12.1. Expreses the christian views

12.1.1. all creation reflects God's presence in some way

12.2. Reflects how we humans respond to gods Grace

12.3. could prose that life can be a sign from God, reflecting on his creation

13. Contemporary Questions

13.1. How do Christians and non-Christians interpret the sacaraments? How does it differ?

13.2. Why is completing the sacraments important to the Christian community?

14. Church as a Sacrament of Christ

14.1. where we can see and communicate with Christ

14.2. Holy place, brings a sense of unity to people

15. Jesus as Sacrament of God

15.1. Jesus makes an intangible God tangible and present amongst us

15.2. Jesus goes beyond himself in the quest to present God to us all