Child protection

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Child protection par Mind Map: Child protection

1. Children's health, safety and well being

1.1. Regular monitoring

1.2. Support

1.3. Comfort, reassurance, guidance

2. Improve upon current child protection

2.1. Regular training

2.2. Awareness

2.3. Staff meetings

3. Advocate messages of child protection

3.1. Teach children their rights

3.2. Go green for awareness

3.3. Empower your staff and volunteers

4. Develop an understanding of normal sexual development

4.1. Traffic lights framework

4.2. Child protective behaviors teachers guide

5. What can your service do

5.1. Promote positive behavior guidance verse punishment

5.1.1. Teaching the right way, understand behaviors and communicate needs

5.2. Help reduce stress and anxiety for children and families

5.2.1. Provide assistance and support

5.3. Share your knowledge of child development

5.3.1. Communicating with staff and families

5.4. Assist parent understanding of effective supervision?

5.4.1. Guidance,

5.4.2. Provides meaningful interactions with child

5.5. Build resilience in children and families?

5.5.1. Builds a strong emotional connection

5.5.2. Demonstrate coping skills

5.5.3. label emotions

5.5.4. teach problem solving skills

5.6. Promote healthy and positive parental expectations of children?

5.6.1. Health and safety

5.6.2. Emotional and behavioral competence

5.6.3. Social Skills

5.7. Ensure families are aware of local support agencies?

5.7.1. Websites

5.7.2. Contacts

5.7.3. Suggesting support

5.8. Build upon existing strengths within families?

5.8.1. Communications

5.8.2. Day to Day updates

5.8.3. Support and empathy

6. How can educators appropriately include child protective behaviors within the learning program

6.1. Body Safety education

6.2. Some secrets should never be kept A children's picture book

6.3. No means No! Teaching children about personal boundaries, respect and consent

7. Child abuse and neglect

7.1. Community service board

7.2. Family Connect

7.3. Discussions

7.4. Food bank