Glenside: Weldon Park Initiative

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Glenside: Weldon Park Initiative par Mind Map: Glenside: Weldon Park Initiative

1. Congruence

1.1. Keeping local officials in the loop, addressing concerns/improvements,

1.2. keeping an open conversation within the community

2. Commitment

2.1. Monthly meetings at the same time/day each month.

2.2. Fundraising events that benefit the community as well as the park (Ex: a family friendly bbq)

3. Change

3.1. Local clean up of trash weekly/monthly

3.2. More people joining in and spreading the word of needed funding/activism

4. Common Purpose

4.1. A safe place for children to play

4.2. Increased social interaction/relationship opportunities to strengthen communitie

4.3. Increased quality of living through a place to be active and healthy

5. Citizenship

5.1. Those who reside in Glenside will benefit from living near a clean, safe, park

5.2. Tight-nit community that prides itself in family values, helping others, increasing quality of living

5.3. Having more than 1 park for spacing out the number of youth

5.4. Encourage volunteers to improve quality of living for the community as a whole

6. Controversy w/ Civility

6.1. Address any concerns of disturbing construction

6.2. Reiterating the purpose for the park remodel/remind the long-lasting effect

6.3. Be upfront about where the funding is going

7. Consciousness of Self

7.1. Understanding that this is a process/things take time

7.2. Maintain positive/encouraging attitudes about the benefit of the park remodel

8. Collaboration

8.1. Working with local shops for donation/fundraising purposes

8.2. Working with elected officials to increase engagement

8.3. Working with county for trash facilities/landscaping opportunities

8.4. Working with local schools