Sales flow survey

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Sales flow survey por Mind Map: Sales flow survey


1.1. Billing Reports

1.1.1. Sales Record

1.2. Customer Reports

1.2.1. Standards

1.3. Collection Reports

1.3.1. Standards

1.4. Corporate Reports of this flow

1.4.1. no


2.1. Do you handle credit limits?

2.1.1. no

2.2. Do you block sales to slow payer customers?

2.2.1. If yes, what is the indicator of days past due?

2.2.2. no

2.3. What currencies do you collect?

2.3.1. soles

2.3.2. USD (intercompany)

2.4. The invoice and the collection can be different currencies? What are the cases?

2.4.1. According to the operative process

2.5. What forms of payment are used?

2.5.1. Transfers from abroad

2.5.2. Bank deposits

2.6. Do you issue Account statements?

2.6.1. no

2.7. Do you handle customer-supplier compensation?

2.7.1. yes


3.1. Do customers send purchase orders?

3.1.1. no

3.2. Do you have order approval?

3.2.1. no

3.3. If yes, do you have approval levels?

3.3.1. no


4.1. How many sales tickets are issued per month? How many sales invoices are issued per month?

4.1.1. 17,500 boletas, 5 Invoices

4.2. Is there an approval process?

4.2.1. no

4.3. Do you issue debit notes? How many per month?

4.3.1. no

4.4. Do you have scheduled billing?

4.4.1. no

4.5. Do they you deferred income recognition?

4.5.1. no

4.6. Do they have intercompany invoices?

4.6.1. yes

4.7. In which currencies do you charge and what percentage of Volume is for each monthly currency?

4.7.1. 99% soles, 1% USD (intercompany)

4.8. Do the sales made suffer withdrawal or withholding of any kind? Which? How?

4.8.1. no


5.1. In what currency do they charge you?

5.1.1. soles

5.1.2. USD (intercompany)

5.2. Do you have assigned vendors?

5.2.1. no

5.3. Are they shared among several vendors?

5.3.1. no

5.4. Do you handle prices per customer?

5.4.1. no

5.5. Do you have customer-suppliers?

5.5.1. yes

5.6. Would you handle contact roles or positions?

5.6.1. no

5.7. Credit Limits?

5.7.1. no

5.8. Payment terms

5.8.1. no

5.9. Are you handling factoring with some clients?

5.9.1. no


6.1. How many are issued per month? What are the reasons for issuance?

6.1.1. 5

6.2. Is there an approval process?

6.2.1. no


7.1. What user profiles are they going to have and what general permissions do they want?

7.1.1. Data Master Role Customer Charge (drivers) Vendors Charge (drivers)

7.1.2. Biller Role Invoice (drivers) Customer Payment (drivers) Bill (drivers) Vendor Payment (drivers) Journal (drivers)

7.1.3. Counter Role View All Journal Invoice Customer Payment Bill Vendor Payment Setup : Account Reconcile