Common Mobile Apps for Education

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Common Mobile Apps for Education por Mind Map: Common Mobile  Apps for Education

1. Organization

1.1. Evernote

1.1.1. iOS, Android, Windows

1.1.2. Function: A cloud based app that was created for creating, organizing and storing

1.2. Skitch

1.2.1. iOS, Android, Windows

1.2.2. Function: An app that allows the user to screenshot photos and add shapes and texts to the image

1.3. Dropbox

1.3.1. iOS, Android; also add-on to popular third party companies Shutterstock, PicMonkey, Aminoto

1.3.2. Function: File hosting site that stores user files, which also can be shared

1.4. iBrainstorm

1.4.1. iOS

1.4.2. Function: Collaboration tool user can free draw, organize, and share their ideas

1.5. Inkflow

1.5.1. iOS

1.5.2. Function: A note taking system that helps the user organize their notes and thoughts after notes have been taken

1.6. Trello

1.6.1. iOS, Android, Windows

1.6.2. Function: Collaboration tool that organizes projects. Informing users of who is performing what task and what step of the task each user is on

1.7. KanbanPad

1.7.1. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian OS

1.7.2. Function: A project management tool

1.8. Google Suite

1.8.1. Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Maps

1.8.2. iOS, Android

1.8.3. Function: Allows users to store, create, and share information. Multiple types of applications help organize and create documents as well as resources

1.9. Mammoth

1.9.1. iOS, Android

1.9.2. Function: Allows users to save, organize, share ideas and information

1.10. Quickoffice Pro

1.10.1. iOS, Android, Windows

1.10.2. Function: Microsoft Suite and tools on the go

1.11. Mindjet

1.11.1. iOS, Android

1.11.2. Function: A mind map app, allows user to enter their thoughts, notes, and task into a visual map.

2. Communication

2.1. Google Hangouts

2.1.1. iOS, Android

2.1.2. Function: Brings online communication to life in real time. This app allows users to photos, emoji, and group video

2.2. Skype

2.2.1. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

2.2.2. Function: Video chat and communication tool

2.3. ooVoo

2.3.1. iOS, Android

2.3.2. Function: Video chat and communication tool

2.4. Edmond

2.4.1. iOS, Android,Windows

2.4.2. Function: Similar to Facebook. Open to teacher, students, and parents to join. More privacy for teachers, students, and parents to communicate

2.5. Twitter

2.5.1. iOS, Android, Symbian OS, Blackberry, Windows

2.5.2. Function: From around the world people can "Tweet" or write and post with limited characters; others can view this post in live time and "tweet" back.

2.6. Facebook

2.6.1. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian OS

2.6.2. Function: A website where people can create a profile about themselves to connect with friends, family, and peers

2.7. Tellagami

2.7.1. iOS, Android

2.7.2. Function: Short animated videos or "gami" can be made with aviators created by the user

3. Educator's Tools (Instructors/Teachers)

3.1. Keynote

3.1.1. iOS

3.1.2. Function: Make multimedia presentations for lectures, conferences, and more

3.2. iAnnotate

3.2.1. iOS

3.2.2. Function: Creating notes, bookmaking, and highlighting. The app then turns all those notes into a PDF

3.3. Animoto

3.3.1. iOS, Android

3.3.2. Function: Turns photos into professional quality video, complete with music.

3.4. Teacherkit

3.4.1. iOS

3.4.2. Function: Keeps track of records (attendance, grades etc)

4. Research & References

4.1. Freedly

4.1.1. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian OS

4.1.2. Function: RSS feed

4.2. Digg

4.2.1. iOS, Android

4.2.2. Function: RSS feed

4.3. CourseSmart

4.3.1. iOS, Andriod

4.3.2. Function: Allows students to access a number textbooks; getting rid of heavy textbooks

4.4. Kindle

4.4.1. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

4.4.2. Function: Electronic books, newspapers, and resources

4.5. nook

4.5.1. iOS, Android, Windows

4.5.2. Function: Electronic books, newspapers, and resources

4.6. iTunes

4.6.1. eReader, Podcast, Videos

4.6.2. iOS, Android

4.6.3. Function: Explore various forms of references such as newspapers, audio files, and video files

4.7. TED Talks

4.7.1. Android

4.7.2. Function: Videos of TED talks that feature industry leaders

4.8. Oxford Picture Dictionary

4.8.1. iOS

4.8.2. Function: Pictures of terms and words to experience vocabulary with scenes and images