Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning

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Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning por Mind Map: Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning

1. When the rocket takes him across galaxies at the hieght of twenty hundred light of years everyone on the earth would be angered as they could get a chance

2. The poet says that he will not be writing letters or mails.

3. In Space There will be no Gravity

4. Nobody Can visit him he will be like a prisoner in space

5. He is very eager, excited and enthusiastic to go outer space the next morning.

6. He is doubtful of his return So, he asks his friend and well-wishers. to have a last look at him.

7. He request to strikeout his name from telephone book after the countdown

8. The poet would sleep when feels sleepy. No one knock at his doors to wake him up.

9. There will be no day and night and any changes in seasons

10. He says that there will be no calendar and clock

11. People can watch him on television and track him through telescope

12. But he does not have the time to think about others

13. This Poem written by Norman Nicholson The speaker of the poem is the poet.

14. He is a beautiful poem about the excitement of an astronaut who is going to outer space.