A Japanese Guide to Living Well

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A Japanese Guide to Living Well por Mind Map: A Japanese Guide to Living Well

1. Embrace the Morning Air

1.1. There’s something magical about the early morning. How often do we actually rise to embrace the morning air?

1.2. When we wake early to embrace the morning air, we inadvertently hone another important skill: mindfulness.

1.3. Take a moment to put down all distractions, take a deep breath and reconnect with the world around you

1.4. Much of our worries arise when we fail to be truly present. When we get caught up in the past and the future.

2. Discard What You No Longer Need

2.1. The practice of decluttering is a fundamental part of simple living.

2.2. Remove from it the things that make you feel stressed.

2.2.1. It’s hard to truly relax when you’re surrounded by things you don’t need.

2.3. Also let go of physical and mental burdens.

2.4. It’s amazing how refreshing a good cry can be.

2.5. It’s incredibly freeing to tell a person how we truly feel about something or confront a problem that’s been weighing us down

3. Believe in Your Abilities

3.1. We started from nothing, and from that, we built up all of the things that we now have.

3.2. There are infinite capabilities within all of us. Inside nothingness, there is infinite potential.

3.3. Even if we’re starting from rock bottom or if we stand to lose everything, sometimes that can be a good thing. We have a lot to gain.

3.4. Boost your belief in yourself. To unleash more of your potential. To do more.

3.5. Prove to yourself that you’re capable of great things.

4. Be Here Now

4.1. Train your mind to be present in this very instant.

4.2. One of the simplest ways to train yourself to live mindfully is to begin with the breath.

4.3. Reconnect to the present by focusing on your breath.

4.4. Repeat this practice, and eventually, mindful living becomes our default.

4.5. We live permanently in the now. Nothing else needs to concern us.