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1. Vision of entrepreneur

1.1. Growth of the company

1.2. Working Hard and Smart

1.3. Invest in what you are Good at.

1.4. Growth and expansion

2. Basic Skills of entrepreneur

2.1. Ability in Social media

2.2. Good Stress Management

2.3. Productive

2.4. Focus

2.4.1. Writing Ability

2.5. Having the Art of talking

2.6. Ability to be Comfortable with being uncomfortable

3. Importance of Entrepreneurship

3.1. Creates Jobs

3.2. Create Change

3.3. Gives to Society

3.4. Add to National Income

4. Reasons on becoming Entrepreneurs

4.1. Change the world

4.2. Don't want a Boss

4.3. Flexible working hours

4.4. can work anywhere

4.5. Risk Takers

4.6. Can't get a job

4.7. Don't fit into the corporate environment

4.8. Curious

4.9. Ambitious

5. WALT DISNEY-" The way to get started is to strop talking and begin doing"

6. "It's NOT about Ideas. It's about making IDEAS happen"-(Scott Belsky)

7. MAHATMA GANDHI-(Be the change you wish to see in the world"

8. ALBERT EINSTEIN-"try not to become a man of success. rather become a man of value"

9. Forms of Entrepreneurship

9.1. Social Entrepreneurship

9.2. Business Entrepreneurship

9.3. Techno Entrepreneurship

10. 3 Competencies of the Complete Entrepreneur

10.1. Innovator

10.2. Inspirer

10.3. Implementer