What does inquiry in ss look like? K Goddard

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What does inquiry in ss look like? K Goddard por Mind Map: What does inquiry in ss look like?  K Goddard

1. life skills

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Goal 1

1.1.2. Goal 2

1.2. Rules

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.3. Define Problems

1.4. Capture Ideas

1.5. Prioritize Ideas

1.6. Define Action Points

2. assessment

2.1. Risk of Failure

2.2. Authentic

2.3. performance based

3. authenticity

3.1. kids helping tackle real voter apathy during an election, on election day was very authentic

3.2. Real activities with real income with authentic interaction with the public is possible

4. academic rigor

4.1. Inquiry is about kids learning to behave, act and think in the discipline.

5. appropriate use of technology

5.1. kids can use technology in an authentic capacity that can facilitate real world use, rather than just simulated use

6. elaborated communication

7. compassion

7.1. New node

8. connecting with experts

8.1. connecting with people from different cultures allows students to grow to understand different perspectives.

9. active exploration

9.1. about producing work that is worth doing

10. http://calgaryscienceschool.blogspot.com

11. looks to deeper issues

11.1. Did Grandma eat these apples at my age?

12. inquiry is messy but we try to balance the mess with focus

13. Can lead to dangerous/ critical thinking :)

14. throughline questioning

14.1. the provocative and relevant questions that make a connection between the self, society and subject matter