Rule the World


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Rule the World por Mind Map: Rule the World


1.1. Physical Growth

1.1.1. Weigh 177 lbs. Training. Train every week Be able to do 50 pushups at once, 25 chin-ups at once, 100 sit ups at once. Be able to run a short distance without getting out of breath. Fighting. Be able to fight someone and win. Start grappling. Improve stand up.

1.1.2. Eat healthy every day. Eat vegetarian food at least twice every week.

1.1.3. Play my guitar for at least two hours every week.

1.2. Mental Growth

1.2.1. Meditate every day.

1.2.2. Be happy every day. Eventually die happy.

1.2.3. Hurt less.

1.2.4. Be more selfish

2. Get started!

2.1. Key shortcuts

2.1.1. INS to insert (Windows)

2.1.2. TAB to insert (Mac OS)

2.1.3. ENTER to add siblings

2.1.4. DEL to delete

2.1.5. All key shortcuts

2.2. Drag & Drop and double-click canvas

2.3. Find out more?

2.3.1. Online Help

2.3.2. Use Cases & Templates Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

2.3.3. Tools and Gadgets Offline Mode Geistesblitz Tools Email & SMS Gateways Compare Editions

3. My Geistesblitzes

3.1. Check out