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Xamarin von Mind Map: Xamarin

1. Products

1.1. Xamarin Platform

1.1.1. Xamarin.iOS

1.1.2. Xamarin.Android

1.1.3. Windows phone (native development in .Net)

1.1.4. Xamarin.Forms

1.2. Xamarin Test Cloud

1.3. Xamarin University

1.3.1. Courses XAM101 Development Approaches Xamarin Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Installation on macOS and Windows IDE XAM110 - Introduction to Cross-Platform Mobile Development Every project have some platform specific code (from 15% to 30%) When you need to use platform-specific feature, create an abstraction Look for existing shared components Share code

2. Xamarin Platform pros & cons

2.1. Backed by Microsoft

2.2. Don't have licensing cost, is included with Visual Studio

2.3. Share code between platforms

2.3.1. With Xamarin.Forms near 100% reuse of code

2.3.2. Without Xamarin.Forms near 75% reuse of code, need to specify user interface for each platform

2.4. Native apps

2.4.1. Same look and feel using native controls

2.4.2. Access all the functionality of the platform

2.4.3. Native performance

2.4.4. Use any of the app stores

2.4.5. Hooks for native code

2.5. For .Net developers

2.5.1. Visual Studio for development

2.5.2. Leverage current csharp skills

2.5.3. Don't need to learn new languages for every platform

2.6. For .Net developers

2.7. Can be outdated when there are new API for any platform until Xamarin team catch up

2.8. Need a Mac for compiling iOS apps

2.9. Not easy to configure for each platform

3. Our experience

3.1. At this moment our team have 1 scrum master, 1 ux, 2 developers and 1 qa

3.2. Android app, without previous knowledge, 2 weeks to configure the development and testing environment

3.3. After configuration, in the first sprint we can produce meaningfull functionality for our client

3.4. We just finished development of the android app, it took us 3 months

4. Company

4.1. Founded in 2011

4.2. Founders were the engineers that created Mono (cross-plaform implementations of Microsoft .Net)

4.3. Acquired by Microsoft in 2016

5. Questions?

5.1. Rodrigo Juarez

5.2. [email protected]

5.3. Skype: rodrigomjuarez